ePortfolios for PBL

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Planning eportfolios for Project-Based Learning
Multimodal Elements: Web, Video, Photo, Audio, Text, Other?
Author: Individual, Small Group, Whole Class, Other Large Cohort
Audience: Who will be reading this ePortfolio?
Process, Showcase, Both, or Other Configuration?
Reflection: Will reflection play a role in the ePortfolio?
Integration: Will this be connected to any other work in other courses?
Connection: Is this ePortfolio to be shared? With whom? How? Why?
Purpose and Goals of the ePortfolio?
Why? Why is this an ePortfolio-based project? What will ePortfolios add to the project?
Course Based, Program Based,Institutionally Based? Other? Support?
Evidence: What will the author (s) share?
What elements of project-based learning will this ePortfolio highlight?
Assessment? How, who, 
what, and why?
Public or Private?
Any signature elements?
Planning Details
Who? (Author)
Who? (Audience)
Process / Showcase
Other Elements: Integration, Reflection, Multimodal Elements, Signature Elements
Connections: Public? Private?
Support/Team/Help Needed?
What don't you know?
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Why ePortfolio?
Elements of Project-Based Learning?
Location? Course? Program? Institution?