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Found Object
found objects or photos of objects
journal or writing paper
Practice writing regularly: make this a weekly activity, or try writing about a new object every day for one week.
Take children on a hike, or a tour of your neighborhood. Instruct them to be on the lookout for special treasures or something unrecognized, out of the ordinary. If possible, bring the "found object" home; if not, snap a photo of the object where it lies.
What is the object's backstory? Where (else) might this object be found? Use your senses: what does the object look, feel, smell, sound and taste like to you? Write a persona poem in the voice of the object.
Ask children to compose short stories or works of poetry based on the objects they've found. Collect compositions and photographs in a journal or make a one-of-a-kind book.
Prompts to get you started: