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"Once Upon A Time...": Why Storytelling Matters in Marketing 
From the stories we asked our parents to read to us as kids to the stories we love to hear with friends as adults, we can't deny the power of narrative. Telling stories in our marketing can affect, motivate and inspire new prospects (as well as established clients) to respond and to become brand advocates.
Their first impression. Their last impression. That moment you took time to exceed their expectations. Engage with your audience's emotions; tell them the story of your brand built on the experiences of those you have impressed. 
Why Storytelling is Important
Stories provide authenticity. 
Forbes reports that 76% of marketing survey respondents believe advertisements in general are“very exaggerated” or “somewhat exaggerated." Use your brand's story to connect with your audience and provide them with an added layer of authenticity.
Stories are about emotions.
What Storytelling Can Do for Your Brand 
Stories allow you to make connections. 
Storytelling is a powerful technique to inspire  relationships. When prospects and clients are inspired, they connect with your business as a brand, earning them positive experiences and earning you revenue.  
A story can make your company’s beliefs and personality come to life in a way that entertains. It can also represent those beliefs and evoke a variety of emotions, making it memorable in the hearts and minds of your audience.
Stories give your brand a voice. 
Stories are about doing business differently.  
You offer something that your competition doesn't: you. Your story can showcase that distinction. Use your story to show your audience why you should win over the competition.