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Jeffco Healthy Schools
Family and Classroom Shared Food Resource
As required by law, Jeffco's Wellness Policy and Guidelines include standards for foods shared during the school day starting in 17/18 unless otherwise noted.
If food is offered at school celebrations, at least HALF should include healthier options. Schools or classrooms can also opt for no food or only healthier food!
The foods we share can teach students about nutrition and balance.
1/2 Healthy
To define healthier options, schools can:
Follow district definition in the Guidelines*
Create and document their own definition
Ideas for Implementation:
Create a sign-up sheet that includes at least half healthier options (don't forget to address allergies)
Inform teachers and parents about providing balanced options for celebrations
Determine other non-food options for celebrating
Starting in 2018-19 (or sooner), student birthdays should only be recognized with non-food celebrations.  
Ideas for Implementation:
Clearly communicate these standards with families and consider engaging family groups
Determine other non-food options for celebrating birthdays
Ideas for Implementation:
Utilize non-food rewards for the whole class, such as extra physical activity or recess time, games, a fun dress-up day, playing music
Utilize other rewards such as being a line leader, sitting with a friend, choosing a movement break or game, additional work credit
Many schools already have similar policies in place.
To access the full Wellness Policy and Guidelines, visit:
Schools will not use food or beverages as rewards for academic performance or good behavior.
Individual exemptions are allowed with approval of school leadership
Ask families to not bring in food to share (this does not apply to food for individual consumption)
Limit individual rewards and focus on clear expectations and positive words for all students
Promote Equity
Address Allergies
Improve Nutrition
Protect Family Decisions on Food
Any other shared food should be selected judiciously, taking into consideration the nutritional value of the food being served, Jeffco’s goal of promoting healthy dietary habits, and the frequency of use.
Holiday Celebrations