CPM Science 7 Syllabus 17-18

published by Shannon Chamberlin

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Ms. Chamberlin's Science 7
Science 7 is an integrated course which covers several different topics.   The big idea we investigate is how does our microscopic world affect our macroscopic world?  In other words, how does what we can't see affect what we can see? First semester we start with the nature of science and move onto chemistry.  Second semester we examine the physical features of earth and investigate ecosystems.
What is this class about?
What topics will we cover?
Safety Nature of Science Matter Chemical Reactions Energy Cycles Ecosystems Plate Tectonics & Rock Cycle Natural Resources & Disasters Sexual Education
Grading Policy
The science department at Castle Park Middle uses a standards based grading policy.  This means that students academic grade will be based solely on their mastery of the standards covered.  The following academic grading scale will be used:
4(A)- Excellent: Above expectations, detailed, complete, and correct. 3(B)  -Satisfactory:  Meets expectations, mostly correct, may be missing some details. 2(C) - Improvement Needed:  Does not meet all expectations, more effort and accuracy required. 1(F)* - No Evidence:  Missing or incomplete.
Students with one "1" will receive a "C" at the semester.  Students with two or more "1"s will fail the semester. * CPM does not generally give grades of D.
Students citizenship grades are truly based on their citizenship including work ethic, behavior, attendance, and participation.   The following grade scale will be used to determine citizenship:
A - Students actions help their learning and they make an effort to help others in the class learn. B - Students actions help their learning but they do not actively help others. C - Students actions are hurting their ability to learn. F - Students actions are hurting their ability to learn and they are hurting the ability of others to learn.
What is expected of me?
In order for our classroom to run smoothly and for all students to feel comfortable and safe, there are a few rules we have to follow:  1.  Consider and respect everyone's ideas.  2.  Encourage each other to do our best.  3.  Stay on task - keep your iPad face down when we are not using it.  4.  Respect our classroom - return all borrowed materials, clean up your own mess, be kind.  5.  Follow all safety rules, all the time.  6.  Come to class prepared to learn - that means a charged iPad, iPads out and phones away.
There are a few supplies you will need for class: Fully charged iPad -> EVERY DAY!!! Spiral Notebook -> At least 150 pages Pencil, pens, colored pencils
This is a laboratory science class.  this means we will be conducting labs weekly.  All labs will be fully explained and demonstrated during class.  Students should ask any questions prior to starting labs.  Due to the work involved in preparing labs, lab make-ups will not be available.  Your attendance at labs is very important!  Horseplay and/or misuse of lab equipment will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the lab.
Parent Information
Please make sure you have reviewed all this information with your student.  Safety is our number one priority in a Science Lab so we will require a parent conference for any student violating the safety rules. Student grades will be updated regularly on Canvas and monthly on Jupiter Grades.  I strongly encourage you sit down with your student and have them show you how to log into their accounts to check their grades. Email is the fastest way to communicate with me: [email protected] 619-498-6000 Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.