World Cultures 7 Syllabus 17-18

published by Roberto Barraza

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Mr. Barraza World Cultures 7
Castle Park Middle School
Work Hard. Dream Big. Believe in Yourself. Never Ever Give Up.
What is this class about?
We will be studying ancient cultures from all over the world.  From each culture we will be focusing on their Geography, Religion, Achievements, Political System, Exchange, and Social Structure (GRAPES). Although we will be studying the ancient world, we will analyze how it influences our modern world. It is my hope you leave this class with a greater appreciation of your own culture, as well as those different from yours, and a sense of how the world is interconnected. History is awesome. It is the study of people on earth. That is kind of a big deal.
Fall Semester (1) - The Americas (Maya, Aztec, Inca) - India - China - Japan - Southwestern Asia   (Arabian Peninsula)
What will we be learning about?
Spring Semester (2) - West Africa - Fall of Rome, Rise of Christianity,   Medieval Europe - The Renaissance - The Reformation - The Scientific Revolution, Age of Exploration,   The Enlightenment
You are expected to have the following supplies for class: 1) Fully charged iPad (Daily) 2) Spiral Notebook (minimum 100 pages) 3) Pencil, pens, glue sticks, colored pencils
What will I need to bring to class?
Grading Policy
                           Citizenship Students' citizenship grades are based on their work ethic, behavior, attendance, and participation.   The following grade scale will be used to determine citizenship: A - Students actions help their learning and they make an effort to help others in the class learn. B - Students actions help their learning but they do not actively help others. C - Students actions are hurting their ability to learn. F - Students actions are hurting their ability to learn and they are hurting the ability of others to learn.
                           Scholarship Your goal is to be advanced in your knowledge and skills. At the minimum, you should be is proficient. Strive for greatness! Take pride in your work! Grading Scale* 100% - 88% = A+ to A- (Advanced) 87% - 78% = B+ to B- (Proficient) 77% - 65% = C+ to C-  (Basic) 64% - 0% = F (Needs Improvement) Breakdown of Grading* Exams, Quizzes, Projects = 80% Notebook/Homework = 10% Final Exam = 10% *Subject to change.
"Discipline yourself and others won't need to." - John Wooden
To be a part of this class: 1) Be Responsible (arrive to class on time, be prepared, your iPad is for learning) 2) Be Respectful (of each other, the teacher, and the classroom, keep your phone in your bag) 3) Be Honest (don't make excuses, make improvements) To learn in this class: 4) Work (every day, every moment, waste no time) 5) Work Hard and Work Smart (learn from, and correct, your own mistakes) 6) Work as a Team (help others succeed) 7) Positive Attitude (always believe in yourself, place value in your education) To be successful in this class: 8) Communicate (if confused ask for help, listen to instruction) 9) Accept your Role (you are a student, you are here to learn, make it a passion) 10) Never, ever, give up (if you struggle, we will find a way to help you succeed)
Classroom Constitution
Consequences for unacceptable behavior include:
1) Verbal warning/ discussion of behavior after class/ classroom cleanup. 2) Parent phone call. 3) Referral to counselor or Assistant Principal. *Any item deemed a distraction by the teacher will be confiscated.
Contact Information
Please make sure you have reviewed all this information with your student.  Student grades will be updated after each assessment on Jupiter Grades.   Email is the fastest way to communicate with me: [email protected] 619-498-6000 Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
What We Will Learn - Sweetwater Union High School District Citizenship Grading Policy - Dr. Shannon Chamberlain Classroom Constitution adapted from Pat Summitt's "The Definite Dozen"