Bike to Work Day Exit Survey

published by CC Delaware Ipa

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Exit Survey Results
Newark, Delaware 2017 Bike-to-Work Day
The Institute for Public Administration and Bike Newark distributed exit surveys to Bike-to-Work Day participants. The purpose of the survey was to develop a better understanding of why there was low user participation in the Motivate the First State Bike-to-Work Day Challenge. Participants were given a week to respond to the survey; 18 individuals participated.
Use of Plus3 Fitness App
Prior to Bike-to-Work Day were you aware of Plus3 Fitness App and the Motivate the First State campaign to make your physical activities count toward Delaware charities?
Did you use the Plus3 Fitness App to record bike riding activities during the month of May?
If you used the Plus3 Fitness App, how did you register?
Reasons why app was not used...
"I use other fitness apps."
"I don't use a smart phone."
"I wasn't aware of the application/haven't downloaded it yet..."
"I don't remember to log my activity."
"I found the app too difficult to use."
No interest.
If you used the app, did you also join a team and compete to earn points for charities during the event?
How can bicyclists be encouraged to use mobile apps or other tools that collect or “crowdsource”  data for planning purposes?
“...tie it in to more popular devices (e.g. Garmin or Fitbit) or Strava... I don't want to manage multiple apps/devices”
“Partner with online and bricks and mortar bike shops - Performance, Nashbar, Wooden Wheels, Bike Line, etc.; buy ad space on web pages through ISPs so after someone visits a bike related site, your message appears in a sidebar ad.”
“Explain the importance of such applications”
Doesn't matter... “I have no interest in using mobile apps!”
“perks, like free tune ups or a replacement tube”
Acknowledgements & Project Partners