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CER: Evidence-Based Response
CER = Claim +Evidence +Reasoning 
Answer questions like an expert by providing your claim, evidence, and reasoning.
How to Use CER
Evidence Information from a  reliable source/text 
Claim Your answer drawn from your observations 
Reasoning Your explanation of how evidence supports claim 
I: Claim
III: Reasoning
II: Evidence
State a direct response to the question/prompt. 
Helpful Hints: Use key words and ideas provided in the question or prompt as you write your claim. Avoid using openings such as "I think" or "I believe". 
Provide reliable information that supports the claim.
Helpful Hints: Here are suggested sentence starters: In the text... The text states... According to the passage... One example from the text...  The author states… One piece of evidence is...
Explain how the evidence supports the claim.
Helpful Hints:   This portion must offer new insight, analysis, acknowledgement of connections between ideas, etc. Here is a suggested sentence starter:  Based on this evidence, we must conclude (rephrase your claim) because (your analysis).  
More Sentence Starters for Your Reasoning
The most logical conclusion we can draw from this evidence is that (rephrase your claim) because (your analysis). This is significant because (explain why in a way that directly relates to the claim). The fact that (rephrase your evidence) illustrates that (rephrase your claim) because (your analysis). Considered together, the fact that (rephrase one piece of evidence) and that (rephrase more evidence), clearly demonstrate that (rephrase your claim) because (your analysis).
These facts work together to build a case that (rephrase claim) because (your analysis). (Rephrase your evidence) matters because (give your reason). Thus, (rephrase your claim) must be true because (your analysis).   This (illustration/graph/statistic/etc.) is irrefutable evidence that (rephrase claim) because (your analysis). All of this proves that (rephrase your claim) because (your analysis).