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student awakenings enhanced by technology
1) Select Your Lesson Plan
Body of a Seed Plant
Describe the general structure and functions of seed plants (e.g. describe the roots, stem, leaves, and flower of a common local plant)
Anticipatory Set
Working cooperatively in groups, sketch a plant and brainstorm possible functions.
Learning Activity
1) Students will actively take notes by viewing a PowerPoint.  The PowerPoint will also include diagrams and pictures. 2) During the lecture, questions will be asked to students.   3) Students will compare the notes to their brainstorming ideas. 
Working cooperatively in groups, sketch the parts of the plant with their functions. Reflect and compare this plant with the one they brainstormed.
Adapted from Gagan Gill
Learning Activity: How will I engage students in learning through real-life examples? My lesson does not engage students.  How can I make this part more interesting? Conclusion: I want students to review concepts. 
2) Reflect on your current lesson:
3) Select a technology question:
How can students use technology to extend their own learning?   and How will students demonstrate their understanding? 
4) Review and select a tool:
I want to include student collaboration: I want to add Popplet so students create their own understanding of the parts/functions to a realistic picture. I want to also include review of concepts: I want to use Aurasma for students to test themselves. 
Things I Changed: The Old to the New
1) Each pair of students will share an iPad. I will facilitate students discussion about the needs of the plant.  This discussion will also help in identifying the parts and functions of the plants. 2) During the discussion, students will use Popplet to input the information they contributed.  Students can add the parts/functions of the plant.  They can also edit the information if they found areas of discrepancy.   3) Students will use the information they have created and fill in a diagram of their own.
New Learning Activity
New Conclusion
Using the diagram, students can use Aurasma to test themselves by identifying and explaining the parts/functions of the plants.  They will use Aurasma to check their understanding.
I selected 2 sections to improve and integrated digital tools
Reflect on My Enhanced Lesson
"When the students were using Aurasma, they were engaged and continually practiced identifying the parts/functions of the plants.  They even started to quiz each other.  This was a fun and quick way to get students to review and assess their knowledge."
"When the students were using Popplet, they were excited to see their ideas popping up on the Smartboard.  The students who rarely share ideas in class discussions were not afraid to type in their thoughts.  Most of the ideas were developed by the students.  I added my input when students couldn't identify the vocabulary."
-use technology to plan the objective with my students
I realize that I can use the Apps in a variety of places.
-try a new website i found and add it to my toolbox
Next time i will...