Appalling: US Healthcare by the Numbers

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Appalling: US Healthcare by the Numbers
Numbers vary by year and data source, all sources linked.
The US spends far more than the average OECD country on care. Nearly every universal care country has zero out of pocket expenses.
We spend more of our GDP on healthcare than any other country in the world.
Sources: American Journal of Public Health
and The World Bank
Our taxes currently pay for approximately 2/3 of ALL US healthcare expenditures, which is ~50% more than OECD average.
The US is in the bottom 20% of all OECD countries for quality of care.
The average OECD per person is $4729, we currently pay ~$6,065 per person via taxes, AND the GOP claims THE BEST THEY CAN DO with repeal and replace is to give us a $13,000 Maximum-Out-Of-Pocket (MOOP)? THIS is ineptitude. This is corruption. This is 100% unacceptable. Hold them ACCOUNTABLE!