6th Grade Syllabus

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Señora Hanson
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6th Grade Spanish
What will we do?
You will acquire high frequency Spanish structures through cultural story units. You will read & tell stories, participate in class discussions, listen to songs & video clips, and work up to reading a novel!  
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Why learn Spanish?
After English, Spanish is the second most common language spoken in the United States.
Spanish is the official language of 21 countries. Learning Spanish can help you connect with the world and change the way you look at it.
The skills related to learning Spanish can help you succeed in other areas of study.
Employers in today's world often look to hire candidates that speak more than one language and understand other cultures.
"To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world." -Chinese Proverb
You will be assessed on your proficiency in these modes of communication: interpretive (listening & reading) interpersonal (conversing person-to-person) presentational (one-way writing & speaking)   
You will be assessed on 3-6 target Spanish structures each unit. There will be a variety of assessments each unit that measure your success in acquiring the target structures.
Your performance tasks will be evaluated using rubrics based on the ACTFL proficiency descriptions and then converted into a letter grade.   
A:  94% - 96.99% B:  84% - 86.99% C:  74% - 76.99%  
D :  64% - 66.99% F:  0% - 59.99%
Formative assessment is designed to provide direction for improvement and/or adjustment to a program for individual students or for a whole class, e.g. observation, quizzes, homework (usually), instructional questions, initial drafts/attempts. (Assessment FOR learning)*
*Definitions of formative and summative assessments from Ken O'Connor's A Repair Kit for Grading: 15 Fixes for Broken Grades
Summative assessment is designed to provide information to be used in making judgments about a student's achievement at the end of a sequence of instruction, e.g. final draft/attempts, tests, exams, assignments, projects, performances. (Assessments OF learning)*  
Your grade is composed of formative and summative assessment scores. You might think of the categories respectively as your preparation and performance!
You have the option of making corrections on assignments and retaking assessments to receive further practice on mastering a skill or concept and to improve your score. You can earn up to full credit on redos. REDOING ASSIGNMENTS Place your corrected assignments in the "Redo" tray. Depending on the assignment, an explanation or translation accompanying your new answer, demonstrating your understanding, may be required to receive credit. RETAKING ASSESSMENTS Meet with Sra. Hanson to schedule a retake and discuss preparations and procedures.
Homework will be given occasionally with the goal of practicing a skill or structure learned in class or to encourage use of Spanish beyond the school setting for personal enjoyment and enrichment. Homework may include activities such as: ◦Studying/using target structures practiced in class ◦"Real World" choice homework ◦Edmodo post or activity ◦DuoLingo practice
to help you
◦Your class binder* ◦Quizlet ◦Edmodo ◦DuoLingo ◦Ask!
*You will not need a textbook, but you will keep an organized binder with dictionary pages, handouts, and more.
Students have the right to learn and the teacher has the right to teach.
BEHAVIOR If you choose to disrupt your classmates' right to learn or Sra. Hanson's right to teach, here are some possible consequences: ◦Nonverbal reminder/warning ◦Verbal reminder/warning ◦Behavior slip or an e-mail home ◦Detention ◦Office referral
1.5" Binder with 8 tab dividers and loose leaf paper Pen or pencil
1. Check the Daily Class Notes Binder in the classroom to see what you missed. 2. Check the Absent File for any handouts with your name on them. 3. See Sra. Hanson with additional questions at a convenient time if necessary. 4. Turn in make-up work within two days of your return to the tray marked "Absent."
Be Polite
Be Prepared
Be Productive
INCOMPLETE OR MISSING WORK Complete all assigned work by the beginning of class on the day it is due. This will help you be prepared for assessments and meet unit objectives. If you do not complete an assignment by the day it is due: ◦Hand in a note explaining why you don't have the work ready to turn in. ◦An email will be sent home. ◦Turn it in the following morning by 7:40 am. ◦If you still do not complete the work in that time frame, you will stay after school to complete the work.
Sra. Hanson is usually available after school. Please schedule a time to meet with me if needed.
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