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published by Dr Sandra Hanchard

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Data Science On-Ramp Short Course
APPLY BY 9th SEPTEMBER 2017 Start date 23rd Sep until 12 Nov
We offer a 7-week part-time course facilitating an intensive, personalised industry-relevant and university-certified experience. Designed and run by DataViz My, providers of the first industry data science course for entrepreneurs in Malaysia at MaGIC in 2015. Certified by HELP University, a community-caring institution since 1986, now with more than 13,000 students in Malaysia.
20 fully-subsidised spots only awarded on a competitive basis
Why you need this
Data science skills are needed to compete and be part of the modern economy - whether you are in digital or not
Most data professionals have areas of weakness they need to upskill on, whether it's communication, statistical, or related to programming + engineering
While it may not be feasible to become an expert in all things data science, you should at least know best practices to inform your data strategy
What you'll learn
You'll get a solid grounding in the critical and creative thinking and design processes of a data scientist
You'll be able to use a suite of data science technologies & practices whatever your technical skills; yet be aware of when tools can distort your findings
You'll be able to apply data science concepts and approaches to achieve meaningful business outcomes using real-world local datasets
Who this is suited for
Practitioners who have a solid critical and quantitative basis (e.g. comfortable using Excel for simple calculations)
Professionals with diverse backgrounds including analysts, researchers, econometricans, developers, engineers, architects and more
Managers investing in building an awesome data team and data strategy
Personalisation sets us apart
We test you individually before, during and after and optimise your learning as we go. Workshops are supported with a high instructor/student ratio.
After the course you will receive a recommended study plan based on your strengths and weakness informed by our research with leading Malaysian employers
As an option, we can prepare a report that highlights your tested areas of strengths to share with employers
Course Outline
Data science in context Basic R
Basic Python
Database concepts
Advanced Python
Data collection and scraping
Storytelling and data visualisation
Advanced data viz
Data preparation Group project Part 1
Statistics and data modelling
Regression (linear & logistic)
Advanced R
Time series analysis and forecasting
Clustering and classification
Sentiment analysis and NLU
Deep learning and neural nets Big data platform concepts
Group project Part 2 Presentations Feedback and next steps
Total of 98 hours held on Saturdays and Sundays between 9am - 5pm
30 Sep + 1 Oct
7 + 8 Oct
14 + 15 Oct
28 + 29 Oct
4 + 5 Nov
11 + 12 Nov
23 + 24 Sept
"Companies in general are recognizing the importance of data-driven decisions. Because of that, data-savvy analyst becomes crucial in today's business. The course helps me understand how I can analyze data systematically to derive valuable insights to help my daily work and contribute to the team. It made me a much more valuable team member."
Enterprise Architect, Malaysia-based diversified multinational
"People, challenge, and learning. The best part really is the right combination of a great learning environment, a positive and motivating team of instructors as well as participants, and the various challenges to drive understanding and to allow each of us to contribute in a constructive manner."
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Senior Analyst, global management consulting and professional services company
Our instructors
Companies include Seek Asia (JobStreet), eBay, WinApp and more
Experts who work for a network of leading data-driven, learning-friendly companies
Sit an online pre-test to help you prepare
Sit short tests each week and participate in group projects
Sit a final test, pass, & receive your certificate + individual report
Assessment & Certificate
Certificate and report that highlights your areas of strengths to employers
Fees and How to Enrol
Participant documents: 1)  Application Form - Inbase 2)  A copy of IC (front and back) –Malaysian     employees only 3)  A copy of latest month Salary Slip or Confirmation     Letter from employer
RM 10,000 + GST per pax Enrol by 30 August, 2017 Receive & send documents to: [email protected]
HRDF  Grant application
Participant documents: 1)  HELP/CPDDA Registration Form 2)  A copy of IC (front and back) –Malaysian     employees only Requests for payment installments and multiple pax enrolment should be sent to [email protected] On receiving your application, we'll send you the pre-enrolment technical test. Course materials, including guides for software installation, will be sent before the course starts We reserve the right to modify the dates of workshops
Self-employed or Cash payment
Location and Contact Us
Mr Geoffrey Kee Director, Centre for Professional Development & Data Analytics HELP University [email protected] Whatsapp: 012-2781913 Dr Sandra Hanchard Principal Instructor Director, DataViz My [email protected] Whatsapp: 016-6763267
Workshops will be held at HELP University
Jalan Semantan, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
ELM Business School Damansara Heights
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