KSF Co-Curricular 2017

published by Mandi McKinley

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Tips & Tricks for High-Impact, Low Cost Co-Curriculars
Best Practices

High Impact Tips
Choose your activity
Connect to learning
Engage with them
Reflect and discuss
Low cost tricks
Let our campus connections work for you!
Learn the inside scoop on the cheapest days to go bowling, how to reserve motor pool in the least number of steps, and explore how your Co-Curricular events can boost your students' K-State 360 participation.
Work with Mandi McKinley to schedule for invoicing and tax exemption.
1.25/game, $1.50/shoe rental=$2.75/student 
2 for the price of 1: $2.50/student
Wildcat Wednesday
Hit a purple pin and strike, roll the dice for prizes!
Thrifty Thursday
$2 games, $1 shoes=$3.00/person 
All You Can Bowl $14/person, 10 pm-Midnight. Includes shoes 
K-State First has reserved days for the fall. Choose one that fits the need of your class, RSVP to 
[email protected] by the designated RSVP date to take advantage of group discounts. 1) Choose your date:     Saturday, August 25, 8:30-noon
    Saturday, September 22, 8:30-noon  

2) Choose which course: Low or High 3) RSVP number of students (remember your    learning assistant) and faculty with info    above to Mandi McKinley [email protected]    by:     August 16 for 8/25       
    September 14 for 9/22   
Date of use, including date/time of pickup (must be before 4:30 p.m. weekdays) and return
Include your destination
Provide driver's name, driver's license number, state and expiration date. Driver must be a K-State employee (learning assistants included)
Don't forget the number of passengers and/or type of vehicle you will need (sedan, minivan, 12-15 passenger van, suburban, etc.)
2 WEEKS prior to event
This info is now included on the field trip funding request form online
Call more than 2 weeks before your scheduled visit, and K-State students enjoy free admission.
Let us help make the arrangements! We can negotiate discounts, arrange for direct billing and tax-exemption, and waived fees. Includes McCain events, Nichols and Purple Masque Theatres. Please budget for McCain events to have an additional $4/ticket processing fee and must be reserved through 
Mandi McKinley [email protected]
Insect Zoo or University Gardens
Konza Prairie
Local businesses
Supplies for class project (Rube Goldberg machines, marshmallow bridges)
Try a fitness class
Tour athletics facilities
Canoe for communication
K-State 360  aims to enhance activities outside of the classroom while developing competencies students need for future employment. Many events that qualify for K-State 360 points make excellent 
co-curricular choices. Requiring or encouraging students to attend K-State 360 events provides further motivation for attendance.
Group Think
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Questions? Ready to schedule the highest-impact, lowest cost co-curricular event ever? Contact Mandi McKinley [email protected] or 785-532-1501.