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Master of Information Management Internship Guide
Internships are an integral part of a MIM education. They bring a great deal of value and meaning to both students and employers. This internship guide is designed to help students understand what an internship is, the value it brings, and how to search and plan for a meaningful internship experience.
What courses do I need to take?
What courses do I need to take?
What is an Internship?
An internship is a real-world application of concepts and theories that students learn in the classroom. It involves students providing meaningful work in a career field that is directly related to their major and/or area of career interest. Internship programs take place either during a school semester or over the summer (more typical for the MIM students), and their length vary depending on the internship projects and/or organization sponsoring it. There are credit and non-credits internships. In the MIM program, internships are non-credit.
What courses do I need to take?
What are the advantages for students to participate in an Internship?
Learn about field from the inside Establish a network of professional contacts, mentors, and references Learn new skills and add to knowledge base Gain valuable experience and accomplishments for resume
Decide if this is right career Meet new people and practice networking skills Practice communication and teamwork skills Potential full time job oppurtunity
What courses do I need to take?
Internship Search Strategies
Want to waive?
Develop a customized resume and a cover letter to target the position of your interest (use all available university resources, such as career services, iSchool workshops, etc. to help you with this).
Define Your Preferences & Explore Your Options
Find an internship program you are interested in. Please note: 1. There are companies starting summer internship hiring process well in advance during the fall semester. Such companies usually have all interns lined up before December. 2. There are companies searching for summer interns during the spring semester. 3. There are companies hiring interns in summer. ITS NEVER TOO EARLY AND LATE TO LOOK AND APPLY
Identify Your Current & Desired Skills
Identify all skills that your can offer to your potential employer and those that you hope to master as a result of your internship program.
Internship Search Resources:
1. University and iSchool career fairs in fall and spring (this is a great opportunity to not only find a potential employer but also expand your professional network.) - 2. Career4Terps - 3. [email protected] & [email protected] mailing lists. 4. MLIS Field Study Database -
Resume and Cover Letter
Elevator Pitch
Be ready with your elevator pitch, which is a persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in you as a potential employee.
What courses do I need to take?
Internship Courses
There are 2 courses students can take in conjunction with an internship:
INFM 735 MIM Internship course (3 credits):
Offered by the iSchool MIM Program; Provides students with knowledge, skills, and experiences that will help shape career goals; Offered online during summer semesters; May be counted towards an elective courses.
Univ099 - UMD Internship seminar (o credits):
Offered by the University Career Center; Host company must agree to UMD requirements; Activities planned for the summer internship project must be signed by company; Confirmation of completion of activities must be signed by company.
What courses do I need to take?
MIM Students Internship Employers
Link Media, LLC American International Group, Inc. DSFederal REI Systems BAIDU Cloud, Inc. National Foreign Language Center Paradyme Management Columbia University World Bank
Bank of America Ernst and Young Goldman Sachs Titan Telecom Wal-Mart E-commerce Labs DreamBig Studios LLC Avaya Freescale Semiconductor Time Warner Cable
If you have any questions, please email [email protected] Go Terps!