Wolf Pack Chromebook FAQ 2018-19

published by Suzanne Sannwald

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Common Wolf Pack Chromebook Questions
An FAQ for Students and Staff
At home, you may be able to set up "cloud printing" to print from your Chromebook. Bring your printer info to the library for help.
I need to print! How can I do this?
Don't worry! At school, you may go to the library to print.
Since all of your work is stored online, you may always print from another computer that is already set up to print.
But I don't have a working printer at home!
Hints for Printing in the Library
- Look for directions in the library on how to cloud print from your Chromebook. Don't hesitate to ask for help. - Plan wisely to print before class and allow time for technical issues and waiting, especially near or on due dates. You will not be provided a late pass. - Printing during class time is at the discretion of your teacher. - Save paper & ink! Use Print Preview, set page ranges, and try You are limited to cloud print 10 pages per day. - Printing class work in black & white is free. Other black & white printing is $0.10/page; all color-printing is $0.25/page
Some classroom teachers may have classroom-use technology available.
I forgot my Chromebook, what do I do?
If you have...
...a broken or lost/stolen Chromebook and/or charger ...left your Chromebook somewhere you can't get to for days or weeks
Tell library staff as soon as possible!
NOTE: The library does not have inventory to provide "day loan" Chromebooks and chargers if you do not have your charged Chromebook.
- The library will provide long-term loan items if a repair is necessary. - The library will issue replacement items that are lost/stolen.
What if I just need to charge my Chromebook?
- Develop a routine for regularly charging your Chromebook at home. - If you bring your charger to school, make sure it has your name label on it.
There are now 3 different types of Chromebooks in use on campus and they each use different chargers. The library and teachers do not have extra chargers to loan.
Tips for Preserving Battery Life
- Lower screen brightness. - Avoid streaming audio and video that is not essential for classwork. - Get a "portable power bank" (don't use your Chromebook to charge your phone).
Go to the library to have your Chromebook checked and fixed.
My Chromebook is broken! Now what?
...Trying to fix it on your own can cause more damage. ...Damage often gets worse (and more expensive) if you don't fix it.
Worried about potential fees? Talk to the library staff! Costs depend on type of damage, insurance, etc.
Do not avoid or delay asking for help!
If your Chromebook must be kept for repairs, you will be issued a long-term Chromebook loaner until your original one is fixed. Any fees will be added when repairs are done.
How can I best prevent causing damage to my Chromebook?
- Always use your Chromebook case. - Hold your Chromebook properly, not by the screen. - Check before closing your Chromebook. - Beware of your Chromebook being stepped on. - Keep liquids away from your Chromebook.
Based on our real-life experiences, here are some tips:
If you need a new case, go to the library. Thumbs have been known to crack screens. Closing on earbuds, pens, etc. can crack your screen. This includes when your Chromebook is in a backpack. Spills can cause some of the most expensive damage.
Is there anything I can troubleshoot first on my own?
- Why in doubt, reboot! - Log out, "remove your user," & log in again re-typing in your full email address. - Make sure Chrome is updated. - Can't connect to Wi-Fi?
Yes! Here are a few common fixes you can try on your own.
Hold the power button until your computer turns off and then turn your computer back on. Remove user by using the drop-down in the top-right corner of your login screen avatar. Go to chrome://help > Check for and apply updates. Follow directions if update needed. Check & correct your date & time settings to be accurate.
Go to the library to report it missing. Exact next steps will depend on the situation.
My Chromebook is missing! Help!
...Retrace your steps and ask your teachers & classmates. ...Check with the VP Secretaries in the Front Office & in the library.
Lost Chromebooks are often found on campus...
If you know or suspect that your Chromebook has been stolen, make sure that you talk with your VP, in addition to library staff.
You will be issued a replacement to use. If you later find your original Chromebook, go back to the library to resolve.
Finding Information
Working on Assignments
Using Technology
Other Help You Can Get in the Library
Did you know the librarian is every student's teacher & for all four years?
In addition to getting help with broken & missing Chromebooks, get help with:
- Advanced web searching - Online academic databases - Print book checkout
- Organization - Research - MLA Format & writing
- Selecting, troubleshooting, & using tools to learn and to demonstrate learning
We love to work with students! Please stop by the library and see us this year!
Thanks to Grossmont Union High School District's FutureForward initiative, all West Hills students are provided with Chromebooks to use as a learning tool.
Learn more about FutureForward
FutureForward at West Hills