2017 Class Policies

published by Leo Rivera

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Welcome back everyone! Its great to be with you all again. Below is some basic info to help you make the most our time together this year
2018-19 Policies and Expectations
Mr. Leo Rivera
Baldwin World Languages
Class Goals
1. Improve our speaking ability  

2. Improve our written expression

  3. Develop our critical thinking skills. 4. Cultivate an environment of collaboration
You can expect to complete a variety of projects based on current topics such as climate change, cinema, and human rights.
Emphasis will be placed on multimedia and multimodal use such as (micro-)blogging, tweeting, vlogging Together we will improve our speaking ability by creating videos and presentations. We will practice our writing by producing research based essays
We live in a rapidly changing world. Our class should reflect this.
Your Grade
Your grade is composed of three main categories. E-School is the official record of your grades. Rubrics will be provided per project. Extra credit is not offered.
Class Participcation
All assignments graded. Show effort, ask questions and positively interact with the class.
All assignments graded. As long as you complete your HW & show effort, you will receive credit.
Quizzes Projects & Tests
Quizzes 1X, Projects 3X and Tests 2X. Quizzes include: Speaking, Writing & DBQ Assignments. In-class & Online. Grammar and Spelling counts. Late work -10%
Academic Dishonesty Policy
The use of Google Translate (or any other form of translation) is considered academic dishonesty and is strictly prohibited. Translating is defined as writing or copying text from one language and translating it to another language.
Penalties for infractions: 1st: Must redo the assignment during extra-help hours. -20 Points. 2nd: The assignment receives ZERO credit. Must go to detention. 3rd: The assignment receives ZERO, Dean's referral is given.
Copying other's work without proper citation, plagiarism, too is considered academic dishonesty.
Class Procedures
1. Arrive On Time
Lateness sucks. You lose points. Losing points sucks. Arrive early and you may eat or run to the bathroom before class.
2. Get Ready
Open your notebook, and/or get your laptop & display your HW. No eating in class. Start working on the do-now.
4. Collaborate
3. Take notes & ask Questions
Work together, be good to each other. Practice your skills, make mistakes and learn something.
Taking pictures of class notes is ok, typing on your phone is good, but writing them out is best. Ask questions, participate, have fun.
Cell Phone Use Policy
1. Please turn your phones to silent and make sure that your flash is off. 2. You may take class notes using your phone, and take pictures of the class notes if you need. (not recommended) 

3. Please DO use your phones to help you research, & collaborate with your classmates.
Please ask for permission before  using your devices. 
Please respect a few guidelines about their use:
4. Please do not record or take pictures of anyone, including me, without permission.  

5. Please do not make or take phone calls during class time. **This does not give you permission to text / Snapchat / message etc. during class time.
I reserve the right to refuse any student from using their smartphone if he/she abuses this policy.
Getting in touch
1. HW Questions
Leave a private message in Google Classroom in the HW or Assignment you're working on. **fastest way to contact me
2. Need to email/call me?
4. Need Extra Help?
3. Response Time
Mondays and Tuesdays
7:00 - 7:30 AM
 Room 513
Emails or Google Classroom messages sent after 8PM may not be answered until the next school day.
Google Classroom integrates with GAFE. It only works with your school account.
Google Classroom
All of your assignments, instructions and rubrics will be uploaded to Google Classroom.
You can access it via the app or webpage on any device.
( on the pretty icons)
You are expected to complete assignments, upload work, interact with each other, and take tests within Google Classroom.
In order to use Google Classroom, and integrate it with all of Google's apps except for Gmail, you must use your Baldwin school account. The format is: 
First 2 letters of First Name + Your Last Name + Last 3 digits of your School ID Your password is the last five digits of your School Id number. E.g. Leonardo Rivera. ID# 123456789: username: [email protected] password: 56789
Create an account, select Baldwin High School, then Mr. Rivera, and your class. You will need to use your personal email address.
Italian Levels 2 & 3: Sentieri Italian Levels 4 & 5: Immagina
TBs & WBs will be available to all students on Google Classroom
Some classes will have access to the VHL website, where they can complete activities from the textbook and workbook.
Mr. Leonardo Rivera Awkward Picture Taker Italian & Spanish Teacher
About me
This is my 13th year teaching at Baldwin High School. I love my job, the professionals with whom I work, and more than anything else, my students. In class like to focus on developing critical thinking and questioning skills using language as a vehicle. I received my both my BA Cum Laude (2006) and MA (2011) from Queens College, CUNY. I majored in Italian and minored in both Spanish, and Secondary Education and Youth Services. Recently I have completed and received the Educational Leadership Post-Masters Certification from Stony Brook University, SUNY.  

I am also a Google Certified Educator Levels 1 and 2.  I have plans to further my education in "New Media" and new education delivery methods, and earn a PhD in educational administration.

Before becoming a teacher, I was a licensed insurance broker, and had worked in mother's insurance office since I was in high school.