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Get to know your national officers
By: Lexi Mendoza
Hello Iowa FBLA! Just like Iowa gets new officers, the National organization as a whole needs officers to keep things functioning smoothly and advance our organization. However, you don’t always get the opportunity to talk with them the way you can talk to us. This year, we thought of seven questions to ask our new national officers, who will be featured throughout the year, so you can learn more about their goals and interests inside and outside of FBLA.
If you ever want to talk to our officers, you can find their emails at
Where are you from?
Tampa, Florida
What year in school are you?
What other FBLA offices do you hold?
What other activities are you in besides FBLA?
Local Chapter Secretary Florida FBLA District 8 Vice-President
Varsity swim team Model United Nations Student government Other civic engagement activities
How did you get involved in FBLA?
When I was in middle school, I took a business class with my school’s middle-level adviser, who also happened to be the district director. She would not stop bragging about how much fun FBLA was. She would tell us all about the amazing opportunities in FBLA, but when she showed us the State Leadership Conference think back video, I knew I wanted to join.
I ran for National Office because I have a lot of ideas to share with FBLA; ideas for recruitment, retention, and programs. Serving as a National Officer gives me a unique opportunity to share my ideas and implement them at the National level. My goal is to grow FBLA in any way I can, and running for national office was my stage to accomplish my goal.
Why did you run for national office?
Who has been the most influential person in your FBLA career?
My adviser, Mr. Akinrefon, has been the most influential person I have had in FBLA. Every time I don’t think I can do something, he always pushes me to my limits and outside my comfort zone. If it wasn’t for him, I would have quit FBLA as a freshman when I forgot my speech on stage at my District Leadership Conference. I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for his motivation to see his students succeed.
My biggest goal as National Officer this year is marketing FBLA to urban communities. I want our membership numbers to be strong in rural communities and cities; I want to see our mission extend to as many students as possible. I hope to continue in PBL when I go to college! FBLA is a lifetime association that continues through college and into the professional workforce. I want to contribute back to this organization every chance I get.
What is YOUR biggest goal as a national officer this year?
Will you continue to do PBL in college?
I hope to continue in PBL when I go to college! FBLA is a lifetime association that continues through college and into the professional workforce. I want to contribute back to this organization every chance I get.
Why Use Parliamentary Procedure?
By: Allie Smith
Many members do not know the significance of parliamentary procedure. Utilizing parliamentary procedure can help keep order and peace during what could be very long, confrontational meetings. Well run meetings with order can help retain members in your chapter, no one really wants to sit through an argumentative meeting. So, where do you start?
Begin with having an understanding of what parliamentary procedure is. In short, parliamentary procedure is the means in which organizations make decisions. My chapter must move a motion before we can discuss, then we vote and the vote determines whether we will proceed with the motion or not. Next, educate your chapter members on parliamentary procedure. Cover the basic guidelines and rules you plan on following during your meetings to help encourage members to be involved. We encourage members to ask questions and seek help from someone if they are confused on our procedures. My chapter even has a parliamentary procedure team that competes at SLC. The team must learn parliamentary procedure and be able to present it in front of judges. The competition is a great way for chapters with excelled parliamentary procedure understanding to compete. I highly recommend using the Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised and the abundance of resources online for help with any questions on procedure or contact me with any questions or concerns.
Flashback to NLC
By: Josh Bolen
Hello Iowa FBLA, I hope your summer was a blast. For all of you that were able to make it to NLC, it truly was a fun time. For those of you who weren't, we want to let you in on the experience! Iowa FBLA members were able to visit Huntington Beach, Disneyland, Los Angeles, Hollywood, and more while also taking part in testing and the general sessions! Iowa had a group from North Linn qualify for finals alongside of a group from Fairfield! We also had Allison Voss qualify for finals,and and even had one of our members up on stage! Elijah Parr placed 7th in Economics from Fairfield representing Iowa as our place holder! It was a great way for us to elevate ourselves and kick off this exciting new year! Through this trip I was able to meet new members while doing amazing things! The opportunity proved priceless! I encourage all members to take advantage of the national conference opportunity alongside of the state opportunity! We have many fun filled surprises for you this year and hope to see you all at the state fall leadership conference!
Iowa FBLA, get ready for a great start to the year at the State Fall Leadership Conference in Des Moines, on October first and second. Join your state officers for a day packed with high quality workshops and presentations on topics from growing membership to running for state office. Colonel Timothy Glynn, a former FBLA National Officer, will give a keynote address to start the conference. Bring some change for the Miracle Minute, where there will be a bucket for each school to put money in, benefiting the March of Dimes. A member from the winning school will have the chance to throw pie in the face of one of your officers. Don’t forget the dance and the Camp Dodge obstacle course! Attending SFLC has really inspired me to make the most out of FBLA, and I’m sure it will have the same impact on you. I look forward to seeing everyone in Des Moines to kick off the year.
By: Matthew Current
As a new year in FBLA begins, so does a new game of FBLAopoly! Help your chapter work its way around the game board by participating in a variety of different activities that will help elevate your chapter and its membership. You can earn FBLAopoly money by submitting your chapter information, attending SFLC, communicating with your state officers, and by participating in other fun and exciting activities.This has always been one of my favorite activities in FBLA, because I love connecting and competing against other FBLA chapters throughout this competition. This year we have made a few small changes to the board in order to enhance your FBLA experience. Two new goals were added. One of the new goals added this year is to activate an FBLA chapter and the other goal is to invite a financial adviser to one of your local chapter’s FBLA meetings. Additionally, some of the due dates and instructions were adjusted in order to further enhance FBLAopoly. Make sure to read through the activity instructions and due dates in order to get everything submitted on time and correctly! I look forward to competing against you and your chapter, and the best of luck to your chapter in this year’s competition!
FBLAopoly is back!!!
By: Laurel Keenan
See you soon!