Teen Preg-DEN v. USA

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Teen Pregnancy Rates
Sexual Education in the US
Unlike Denmark, sexual education is not mandated in the American school system. Less than half of US states enforce sex and HIV education in primary and high schools. Even with sexual education in a number of states, the practices being taught are extremely outdated. 
Sex and HIV education mandated
Only sex education mandated 
Only HIV education mandated 
No sex or HIV education mandate
Denmark's Week Six (Seks) Program
Kindergarten - 3rd grade
Teach students the meaning of "healthy" both physically and mentally. Help students create loving, respectful relationships with peers, friends and family. 
4th - 6th grade 
Focus on health, identity, puberty, gender, feelings, family, social media and boundaries. 
7th - 10th grade
Emphasis on adolescent youth, sex, sexuality, pregnancy and contraception