The Meuse-Argonne Cemetery

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The Meuse-Argonne cemetery
How does it honor American soldiers?
The 130.5 acre cemetery honors the men and women who died in this region during the fighting from Setpember 26-November 11, 1917. Dedicated in 1937, the cemetery consists of eight plots of graves, a reflection pool, memorial chapel, and inscribed Wall of the Missing. From the chapel on the rise of the hill, visitors can view the battlefield, including key sites like Montfaucon hill, home to another American memorial.  
14,246 men are buried in the Meuse-Argonne Cemetery. The headstones by the numbers:
There are 21 sets of brothers buried in the cemetery (5 of whom are buried side by side)and 9 Medal of Honor recipients, including the African-American corporal Freddie Stowers, who was honored posthumously in 1991. 954 men are honored on the Wall of the Missing.
77% of those fighting in the war were National Army, meaning they were recruited by local draft boards. 18% of American soldiers had been born in foreign countries. 
Visit the nearby monument at Montfaucon, which stands 180 feet tall and allows for vast panoramic views of the surrounding area. There are 234 steps to the top of the tower. The remains of a church destroyed during WWI ,  German observation points and bunkers, and a local French cemetery surround the monument. 
The cemetery and memorial are located in the Romagne-Sous-Montfaucon, an easy 26 miles from Verdun. More information is available on their website.
The cemetery is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except December 25th and January 1st. 
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