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@ Parkway School
It is a place for everyone to come and explore their passions using raw materials, tools, technology, repurposed items and imagination. Students can work individually or collaboratively, using technology and/or drawing on the collective wisdom of those in the room to help achieve their goal in a makerspace. Also, in a makerspace, students naturally use an inquiry process: asking questions, being curious, and wanting to learn more. In a makerspace, students are focused on creating knowledge; that is, taking what they know and making something to demonstrate their understanding or application of a particular idea.
What is a Makerspace?
When can our students use it?
Sign up forms are available for students to complete during their library class if they are interested in participating. Every Monday, approximately 8-10 students will be randomly chosen to participate in design challenges during their lunch and recess. Students will be able to choose their own challenges from many different categories such as Legos, Drawing, Reading, Stop Motion, Digital Story Telling, K'NEX, LittleBits, Sphero, and Low Tech.
How can parents get involved?
We are always looking for donations to replenish consumables such as: toilet paper tubes masking tape

  Other items we are looking for include: Legos K'NEX We welcome additional items not on the list as well.

Please contact Ms. Bieler [email protected]
856-235-3364 x8117