[Updated]Benefits for Life- Point 3

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The Humanities Help Students Lead Fulfilling Lives
The humanities are not against conventional success; far from it. Many of our students go on to distinguished careers in law and business. But I like to think they do so with a fuller social and self-awareness than most people. For they have approached success as a matter of debate, not as an idol of worship. They have considered the options. They have called "success" into question and, after due to consideration, they have decided to pursue it.
~ Mark Edmunson, Professor of English, University of Virginia
of humanities majors believe they are close to living "the best possible life."
Source: Humanities Indicators, “The State of the Humanities 2018: Graduates in the Workforce & Beyond,” American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2018, 19, 24.
of humanities majors are satisfied with their job
Humanities Majors Are Satisfied With Their Jobs
I tell [students] that they'll be much better off in the long run if they take this opportunity to study literature, history, and foreign languages. It will lead to a richer, more fulfilling life of the mind.  
~ Neal Koblitz, Professor of Mathematics, University of Washington
Exposure to literature, philosophy, and history will inspire young people to seek a life of richness—one that includes making creative, innovative contributions to society.
~ Edmund Phelps, Nobel Laureate in Economics, Director of Columbia University's Center on Capitalism and Society