Top 5 Reasons For Joining Leadership Development Programs

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Boost Productivity 
A skilled, professionally trained and the right team leader can boost the productivity of every individual and the team. The leader learns to understand people emotionally. Daniel Goleman in his book The New Leaders writes that emotional intelligence plays an important role in the success of a leader. A leadership program makes a leader smart about emotions. The leader now can effectively use empathy for the engagement and empowerment of employees.
A leadership program for you to find out where you need development as a leader. Only after realizing these areas you can begin to improve your skills. You’ll have the opportunity to know yourself a little better by exploring your motivation and to test your level of self-confidence, your emotional intelligence, and other qualities that are needed to become a good leader.
Encourage Introspection
Retain The Talent
Generally in our mind is that the duty of HR is to retain employees, but many of the times, a team member interacts with his team leader. Apart from the company policies, some employees leave an organization due to the behavior and the way of working of their leader or the boss. Therefore, a good leader can retain talent with his leadership quality.
Employee Engagement 
The leader is trained to provide feedback which in return increases employee engagement. When someone is doing a great job, he deserves praises. Therefore, the leader should appreciate his efforts and motivate him to put more efforts. Moreover, a leader is trained to motivate engagement. 43% of the employees with high engagement receive at least weekly feedback. On the other hand, only 18% of the employees with low engagement get weekly feedback.
Better Decision Making
In the organization, every move/effrorts of all members depends on the decision of the leader. A decision has to be made with capabilities, skills and emotional intelligence of the team in mind. 
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