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a fundraiser for AANE - The Asperger/Autism Network
by Zach and Matt
About the Campaign
We read an article in school about a girl who saves 1/3 of her money, spends 1/3 of her money, and sends 1/3 to charity. That got us thinking about doing the same thing. 

Our best friend is 12 and on the autism spectrum. He’s funny, has an AMAZING singing voice, and loves animals. We also know that sometimes he and his mom need help from places like AANE (Asperger/Autism Network). We wanted to start a fundraiser to help. 

Me and my brother are both gymnasts and that gave us the idea to do a plank challenge. We know it’s easy to do a plank but hard to do it for very long, so it seemed like the perfect challenge. YOU CAN DO IT!
How to plank4autism
Run a Competition  (Schools, Teams, Organizations)
Plank on Your Own
Hey, Mom, if I hold this plank for 30 seconds Aunt Sarah will give twenty dollars to AANE!
Hey, is that the ice cream truck? 
Oh yeah, I think it's over there...
Nice try, ladies. No one is out-planking me today.
Post videos and photos of your event on your school or team’s social media channels. Make sure to include the hashtags #plank4autism and #aane.
Organize a time and place for a plank competition. (Examples: See who can hold the longest plank, hold a halftime-competition for parents, hold a student vs. teacher competition, etc...)
Collect donations of any amount to the Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) at
Get Creative
Tag  Your Friends
Challenge three of your friends or family members to take the plank4autism challenge.
Think of a fun way to do a plank, like planking with a puppy on your back.
Post a picture of yourself planking to social media. Get permission from your parents first if you are under 18. Include the hashtags #plank4autism and #aane so your friends know what you’re doing!
Donation Link:
FB Page:
Collect donations of any amount to the Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) at