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Sales Activity Matters
In a recent study by SalesHack, LLC, it takes an average sales rep at an average tech company 287 sales activities to schedule a single meeting.
According to both TOPO and The Bridge Group, most sales organizations deliver 50 sales activities per day or about 1,000 per month.  
Activities to meeting ratio
If a sales rep had zero sales activities in a month, is it true that they would have zero meetings in the month? ANSWER: Not a trick question, yes = ZERO MEETINGS.

Therefore, if a sales rep had 10X more sales activity in a month, is it true that they would have more sales meetings than the rep who had zero sales activities?

At SalesHack, LLC we believe that 10X more sales activity is the answer.  More outreach, more conversations, more meetings!
More Activity = More Meetings
More meetings, more pipeline, more money for you and your family!
The 10,000 Sales Activity Offer
Expect 2-3X more meetings!
Guaranteed 10,000 sales activities!
$15,000 total cost