Child Growth and Development Syllabus

published by Sarah Adams

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Child Growth & Development Syllabus
This is a dual credit course that provides an in-depth look at child development, parenting, and  childcare concepts. It focuses on development from prenatal to age eight. Physical, emotional, social, and  intellectual development is emphasized. The interrelationship of all development is stressed. Children’s health issues  and preventative care will also be emphasized. Students have the opportunity to assess and chart children's development  in the preschool lab. Juniors and Seniors who qualify may earn college credit.   Prerequisite: Child Development I and Child Development II.  
Mrs. Sarah Adams Liberty High School Room:  103 [email protected]
Dual Credit Course:  University of Central Missouri CFD 1220 - 3 College Credit Hours /  1 High School Credit for Full Year
Course Description
Berk, L.A. (2008). Infants, children, and adolescents (6th edition). Boston: Allyn and Bacon.
 - Computer  - Power Cord  - Writing Utensil  - Plastic Sheet Protectors    - Any supplies you might need for your labs 
Blackboard will be used a great deal in this class.  Make sure you check it frequently for announcements and due dates.
Child Growth and Development Blackboard Page
Students will: • develop greater knowledge of the changes that occur in the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of children from conception through adolescence. • critically evaluate and compare theories and methods used in the study of child development. • explore child development across cultures to gain a greater awareness of the influence of cultural and contextual factors such as family structure, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation on development. • understand that children actively shape, interpret, and create their own environments and development. • become more technologically advanced through Internet research and Blackboard. • gain research experience by conducting observations and interviews and writing reports that are concise, thought-provoking, interesting, complete, and correct in terms of language usage.  
Course  Objectives 
Late Work
Your grade will be a combination of the following:  - Tests  - Vocabulary and Readings             - It is extremely important that you stay up to               date with the vocabulary and readings!           - Tests will cover both of these items even if not            discussed in class.    - Projects  - Buddy Portfolio  - Science and Literacy Fair Project with Buddy
A = 90 -100% B = 80 - 89% C = 70 -79% D = 60 - 69% F = 59% or below
This is a fast moving class. If you are absent you may check materials missed on blackboard or come and see me before or after class. You may not ask during class time. If you are absent a lot this will affect your grade severely! We will do a lot of in class activities that will be hard to make up if you are not in class! In college this is very strict and I will follow the same criteria as the university!
Late work will be accepted until the chapter test is given. After this date, no late work will be accepted.  Late work will be accepted for a maximum of 80%.
If a student is not in the door by the time the bell rings, they are considered tardy. Tardies will be record when attendance is taken. The office will keep track of tardies and their consequences.
Electronics are allowed in class, as long as they do not become a distraction. If they become a distraction, the electronic devise will need to be put away. During tests and quizzes, no electronic devices will be allowed until after the test or quiz is turned in.
Students may use the restroom during class only if it does not cause a disruption. They must take the hall pass with them.  If a student abuses the privilege of using the restroom, they will lose their bathroom privileges.
Students will be able to have small amounts of food and drinks in the classroom only if it does not cause a disruption and no liter is left behind. No passes will be given to go to the vending machines.
Dual Credit
Available through University of Central Missouri
Student Eligibility:  - Be a high school junior or senior  - Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (overall) at the time of application   
Tuition and Bills:  - $85 per credit hour   - This course is 3 credit hours        - $255 Total  - Monthly bills will be sent to students home and payment will made directly to UCM        
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