The Life of a Chaco

published by kathybonyun

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The Life of a Chaco adventure story
by Kathy Bonyun
in 1992 at Footsloggers in Blowing Rock, NC
Our epic begins...
Nolichucky Guiding 
The first leg of our journey...
Nolichucky '96 ish
...we were inseperable
Challenge: Can you find the Chacos in every pic? Some are obvious -- some, not so much...
We set off on new adventures together
High School 
NC Outward Bound
Can you find the Chacos?
Teaching and Coaching
('97 ish)
and the grandest adventure of all...
...but after 22 years (longer than Odysseus' voyage), they are in need of a little TLC ~ we have many more miles yet to travel.
NCOBS: Table Rock
(taken 2001)
(taken just this week @ the VA Creeper Trail w/my boys and hubby)