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Office: 400 Battaile Drive, Winchester,  VA 22601  Phone: 540.662.7066 | Fax: 540.450.0360 [email protected] | Tax ID: 54-1816368
Message from the Executive Director
Dear Friends,  

In 2016, I had the privilege of being present as three hard working, single mothers became homeowners. Those of you who have experienced these home dedications know how incredibly moving such milestones can be for Habitat for Humanity families and their children.  

As powerful as these occasions are, it is the thousands of unseen moments that lead up to these life-changing outcomes.  Every Habitat home is possible because of the volunteers who come to our build sites at the crack of dawn preparing for events, greeting other volunteers, or sharing their time and talent as crew leaders. Every “welcome home” moment relies on the unseen hours spent by ReStore staff and volunteers accepting, unloading and selling donations. Every child who finally feels safe playing outside their home does so because someone they never met, or a business or community group they may have never heard of, decided to join us and make a donation. 

Unfortunately, the challenges in today’s local housing market require new ideas beyond just affordable home construction. Regionally, 50% of renters and 30% of homeowners are considered cost-burdened.  While Habitat for Humanity of Winchester-Frederick-Clarke  (HFHWFC) has spent two decades helping renters transition to homebuyers, where do homeowners who are too cost burdened look when they are faced with skyrocketing home preservation expenses?  With the closing of Help With Housing in 2016, there are few resources that help provide critical repairs for homeowners who cannot afford to make a costly re-investment in their house.  
Since cost-burdened homeowners are approximately twice as likely as cost-burdened renters to be elderly,  HFHWFC's Clarke County Repair Program allows us to take on repair projects with the hope of expanding a similar program in Winchester and Frederick County by 2018.   HFHWFC is harnessing the power of everyone to find new and creative solutions to the lack of affordable housing stock in our community.

Every partnership, both new and historic, played an instrumental role in increasing our programmatic activity in 2016 and has created momentum for years to come. In 2016, we celebrated our long-standing Wells Fargo Housing Foundation partnership. During the last decade, they have donated over $255,000 for home construction in both Winchester and Frederick County.  This was also a year that welcomed renewed and innovative partnerships like those with the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Through federal HOME funds, the sustainability  of our construction fund for the next fiscal year is ensured while our homeowners get the added benefit of downpayment assistance.   
Furthermore, 2017 saw us relocate and expand our ReStore operation, pay off all organizational debts and even initiate a long-term endowment fund.

To date, every partnership, every dollar, every ReStore donation, every hour of volunteer time, and every new idea shared allowed us to help 62 families realize homeownership.  We have another three homes expecting to close by Spring 2018. On behalf of our Board of Directors, I extend our sincere thanks to every one of our partners who helped us bring strength, stability and self-reliance to families in FY 2016-2017, and for building stronger communities and futures for everyone.

Matthew T. Peterson, M.A., CVA Executive Director
A Word From the Board of Directors
The Habitat for Humanity of Winchester-Frederick-Clarke board is dedicated to building a stronger, more profound community.  Our Board and our staff are committed to ensuring that Habitat remains a relevant nonprofit by reinforcing and expanding our sustainability in this locality in order to address a wide array of housing-related obstacles facing our friends and neighbors.

Whether it is building new homes, building community, re-purposing existing home improvement products, or building individual capacity, all that we do focuses on various housing solutions that work to positively impact our neighborhoods.  
After 20 successful years, the Board of Directors is committed to refreshing and renewing the Habitat experience. We wish to operate with excellence, and this past fiscal year paved the way forward.  That said, our long-term success as always is dependent on the community.

Thus, I take this moment to recognize you.  Every thank you. Every handshake. Every hug. I give them back to you.  To our partners (volunteers, donors, community leaders, elected officials, parishioners, students and staff), I offer you my sincere thanks for what we have been able to accomplish together so far.  We look forward to continue growing on our successes with you as we build, revitalize, restore and educate.  
Michael Cutrona
Board President 
Our partners helped us serve
more people this year:

32 individuals in
Winchester and Clarke County

15 households in Winchester and Clarke County
"[Rowan]  has had a stable environment in which she could concentrate on her studies instead of having to constantly relocate. She has been able to meet friends that she did not have to leave behind. She has not had to worry about how her mother was going to make rent. ...having a Habitat home has made it easier for her succeed and for that we are very grateful."
The community helped us break ground on our 65th home thanks to HOME Investment Partnerships Program funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Working with the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission, this was the first federal funding HFHWFC had received in many years and opened the door for another HOME grant which will help build three additional homes.
In June 2017, we created an endowment managed by the Community Foundation of the Northern Shenandoah Valley.  This fund was established to maintain the long-term viability of Habitat for Humanity of Winchester-Frederick-Clarke's programs providing affordable housing to
those in need.
Over 5,000 volunteer hours were logged during the 2016 calendar year. The 2017 calendar year saw an increase to almost 8,000 volunteer hours. The support of our local volunteers helped us to build new homes, work on community outreach and Neighborhood Revitalization projects, and staff the ReStore. 
The need for affordable housing  has never been more urgent. More than 1.6 billion people lack safe, durable shelter they can afford.  And communities and nations around the globe urgently need the stability and hope that decent housing and equitable access can help foster. These are the realities behind the development of Habitat for Humanity's new IMPACT.2020 Strategic Plan. We must do more. We must do it faster. We must do it with more impact. And we must work with others to expand reach and depth.

Habitat for Humanity's three-year strategic plan builds squarely on the organization's mission, vision and principles.  The plan will come to life in our community as people from all sectors unite to address the urgent need for adequate, affordable shelter.

Motivated by the belief that each of us is called to act justly, Habitat for Humanity seeks to be a partner and catalyst in building communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Habitat seeks to maximize its impact by effectively allocating resources across three spheres of influence: community, sector and society. Habitat's scaling approach focuses on facilitating improvements for a sufficient number of households in a sufficient number of   neighborhoods, in a sufficient number of communities.  Building homes in this complex environment requires us to innovate and scale to meet the community challenges.



Habitat for Humanity believes that no one lives in dignity until everyone can live in dignity. When the broad community is engaged in addressing the urgent need for adequate, affordable  shelter, we all become less vulnerable and more resilient. In bringing people together, Habitat practices a philosophy of “a hand up, not a handout," and builds on existing community assets: financial, physical, natural, human, social, and spiritual.

In looking at truly transformed communities, Habitat views bringing people together not only to deliver a product, such as improved housing, but as an essential process for building hope and belief that healthier communities are achievable and beneficial for all.  Authentic transformation changes  the lives of all who participate:  those who need housing, volunteers, advocates, donors  and  development practitioners. While promoting approaches that assist low-income families in helping  themselves, we also help drive the market for housing-related financing,  housing improvement services and products that are accessible to local families.

Housing as a product improves health and well-being, leading to increased time on the job and in school. This results in increased family income and educational opportunities, both essential to breaking the cycle of poverty. Housing as a process focuses on building community cohesion that in turn can lead to systemic change, more broadly reducing vulnerability to the cycle of poverty.

When we work together, statistics become faces with names, stereotypes are broken, and everyone has the opportunity both to give and to receive. Only then is lasting change likely to occur.
To Serve Our Community Through the Provision
HFHWFC has been building homes, communities and hope through direct engagement for over two decades.  However, the need for affordable housing locally continues to be great. To affect the housing deficit at scale, HFHWFC has increased our product offerings.

Advocating on behalf of Habitat for Humanity means advocating for additional access to safe and affordable housing.  Rules and regulations about land and building have a major effect on access to housing.  In places where there are smart policies in place, there is more access to decent housing. In other places where there are over-regulated policies and systems, there can be barriers that make it difficult for people to find land for construction, build the home itself or be able to afford a place to live. 

Habitat for Humanity serves as a voice for people in need of decent housing by working to change laws and shape policies that affect access to housing. With our deep understanding of housing and its role in providing opportunities for families, we seek to reform laws in a collaborative, nonpartisan way. Just like building, advocating for smart policies and systems is a way to create a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Be it by researching more complex housing strategies or exploring  public and private property donations, HFHWFC seeks to grow in capacity to serve more individuals.  In doing so, adequate shelter becomes the  catalyst for community transformation. When we successfully mobilize donors and volunteers for the cause of affordable housing, not only can we raise walls, but we also help increase backing for public policy and market change that can lead to even broader impact.

Habitat has become more dynamic in its approach to sustainability.   In order to fund the mission in a more proactive way, the ReStore relocated and expanded in April 2017.  The ReStore is key to offsetting the operational costs we face.  By the end of the current fiscal year, the ReStore will cover 100% of our projected operating expenses, ensuring that every dollar donated to Habitat builds homes, communities and hope. 

We have also taken active steps toward debt reduction which has allowed mortgage revenue from our home sales to be transitioned back into our Fund for Humanity.  The Fund for Humanity helps offset a portion of construction and community outreach costs. 

The Finance and Development teams have worked tirelessly to increase sustainable contributions.  By offering multi-faceted platforms in which we can accept donations, HFHWFC can now accept gifts of stocks, bonds and other financial securities.

Planned giving has also been key to future growth.  HFHWFC is working with individuals who want to extend their support for our organization and make a lasting impact on families in need of a decent and affordable place to call home. 

Habitat’s ReStore and Fund for Humanity are wonderful examples of sustainability-in-action. Because of these, our value proposition is that every donated dollar goes directly to our programs. Therefore, we still need your help in supporting these critical projects. Your gifts drive the mission and allow us all to build impact together for the greater good.


of a Wide Spectrum of Housing Solutions. 
2016 - 2017 Families
Habitat for Humanity of Winchester-Frederick-Clarke's audited financial statements and Form 990 are available upon request by emailing [email protected] or by calling 540.662.7066.
Habitat for Humanity of Winchester-Frederick-Clarke wishes to thank the following outstanding donors for their tremendous contributions in 2016-2017:
2016 - 2017 Families
We Pay
Unitarian Universalists of the Shenandoah Valley
William Armstrong
Aubrey Owen
Mary McCall & Strick Heilman
Russell McKelway & Laura Dabinett
Suntrust Foundation
The Marjorie Lewis Charitable Fund
Walmart #3344 
Walmart #3344
Home Depot
Opequon Presbyterian Church    
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign                   
Edward Jones Inv     
Benevity Community Impact Fund     
Makenest Interiors         
United Way of Mass Bay     
Orbital ATK 
David Richards
Anita Minghini
Brenda Gibson
Apple Valley Hyundai
Kernstown Battlefield Association
Toan and Associates
First Baptist Church 
EFD Investments
Powhatan School

Legacy Sponsor -  $25,000+
Cornerstone Sponsor - $15,000+
Foundation Sponsor - $10,000+
Home Preservation Sponsor - $5,000+
Hope Partners - $1000+
Friend of Habitat
Integrated Technical Sales
Madison Savarese       
Full Circle Marketing   
Mover Dudes
Gasoline Alley Auto Sales
Grove's Harley Davidson
Timothy Oates
Dave Spence
Shenandoah Valley Westminister
Gerald & Regina Baldwin
Gregory Eisenhaue
J.D. Berlin  
Katherine O'Connor
Kathy Adams donation  
Patricia Glass  
Robert Boyd
A. Scott Arthur Agnes Geanious
Ann Bohnet  
Hope Durkin
Jack Phillip
James Zombro 
John Montague donation Karen & David Eldred 
Murrell & Kay Bolliger
Norma Riley
Philip & Nancy Walsh
Sammy Carter
Sharp Shopper Steve Cantu 
Theodore Ramspeck
Walter Shaver  
William Hall
William King
James Overly donation  
Bruce & Nyra White Buffalo Wild Wings Candace Davenport Evan Clark
Phillip Whaley  
Russell Combs  

Friend of Habitat
Gerald Smith, Jr / Valley Proteins
Wells Fargo Housing Foundation
Anonymous Planned Gift
HOME Funds

American Woodmark Foundation
Gary McGraw
United Way of NSV
J Donald Shockey
Dan Aykroyd
MAXIMUS Foundation
Relief United Methodist Church
The Brandt Foundation
UWNSV Rubbermaid Sale
Braddock Street United Methodist Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Jim Ross Memorial Fund 
Bank of Clarke County
Brick & Mortar Sponsor - $2,500+
HFHI / Cars for Homes
Premium Distribution
Lantz Construction
Beatrice and Adalbert von Gontard  
Robert F. Boxley
Perry Engineering Company, Inc.  
Wells Fargo Community Giving
First Bank
Lisa Behr
National Traffic Systems
Carpenters Club - $500+
Ronald Kaplan
Opequon Presbyterian Church  
Advent Lutheran Church Charles A James Dave & Cathy Shore  
First Christian Church Gary & Betty Saunders 
John Capehart Mike & Rayna Cutrona
Benevity Community Impact Fund 
Shenandoah Sand donation
Jim Ross 
SVMCC Walter Shaver  
First Bank & Trust  
A C Slonaker  
Bernice Anderson  
Cary & Karen Kimble Centenary UCC Church Charles Walters 
Dane Toler donation  
Donald Gregory 
Elaine Gantt
George Weidig
J. R. DeWilde 
Jean Massie Trust 
John Capehart 
John Omps
Louisa Poulin
May Caggiano
Michael Cutrona
Michael Stanfield
Norman Smith
Paul Stillwagon
Paul Zisserson
Peter Budnyk
Richard Stinson
Sharon Byrd
Thomas Gibson
Elizabeth Arnold 
Ross & Betty Knee  
Truist Foundation  
Matt Peterson CenturyLink 147 North Restaurant  
Douglas Norell 
Amazon Smile  
Bernard Lewis 
Charley Franks  
Chris Scott  
Diana Shonrock  
Edwin Snider 
Gail & Sam Long  
Gary & Martha Allen 
Jan Lower  
Jennifer & Joe Hall  
Joan Lewis  
John & Pia Crandell 
John Capehart
Larry Hanson 
Larry Sutler  
Linda Russell 
Norman Ross  
Pat & Don Packard
Phoebe West
Rachel Mayhew
Robert Stransky
Ronald Bageant
Scott & Margaret Arthur
Simon Newlin
Thomas Dawson
William McMullan
Ralph Hensely
Kimberley Wilt
Jos A. Banks 
City National Bank
Dunkin Donuts Linda Nelson 
CenturyLink Sylvia McDonald
Robert Hand 
United Way of National Capital Area 
Hideaway Cafe 
Thrivent Funds American Legion Geoffrey Wilkes The Winchester Star Valley Glasshoppers 
John & Robin Dorsey 
John Staelin 
Kiwanis Club of Old Town
Ron Layman  
Amy Callis 
Hugh Martin Julia Fielding
Jeff Kenney
Richard Setton

Ferguson Heating & Cooling Frogale Lumber
Johnny Blue PODS Belford Roofing  
Middle Department Inspection Agency, Inc.  
Milantiz, LLC Orndorff's Plumbing Company, LLC  
Square D Alamo Drafthouse  
BK Security and Home Automation Inc.  
Eagle Place Homes Boyer Landscapes
Maid 2 Party  
Ferguson Enterprises  
Hunter Douglas Dave Spriggs / Painter - Lewis LLC Kerri Ann Kite Ms. Taffy Severs-Horner 
John Friant

2016 - 2017 Families
Whirlpool Corporation
American Woodmark  
Lowes Home Depot
Peacock Cabinetry 
BAC | Cans 4 Cancer Allied Waste 
147 North
CertainTeed Parker's Concrete City of Winchester Shenandoah Sand  
Elite Insulation  
Gary Kula Geoffrey Wilkes Dr. Bill Burslem John Doyle David Vincent Chuck Gulosh Scott Snyder
Cafe Del Sol
Dunn Land Surveys
Harrison and Johnston, PLC
Greg Hutchinson
Kerri Ann Kite
TVBA/Mike Perry 
American Woodmark
Loudoun Stairs
Miller’s Supplies At Work
Frogale Lumber
Cochran Lumber
Kubic Construction
Carroll Construction Company
Perry Engineering
Miller ACE Hardware
White's Ornamental Iron Works
Mover Dudes
Leesa Mayfield Architecture

Every donor is appreciated for the generous  support they provide to HFHWFC partner families. Tremendous effort was made to properly recognize all donors in this report; however, if your feel your name was accidentally omitted, please contact us at [email protected]
Executive Director
Matthew T.  Peterson


ReStore Director
Cathleen Henderson

ReStore Manager
Andrew Steen 

Operations Associate
Julie Boulais

ReStore Ambassador
Jordan Price

Warehouse Associate
Pete Fravel

Warehouse Associate
Garret Price

Main Office

Construction Director
Amy Chasler

Finance Director
Jeff Kenney

Resource Development Director
Kimberley Wilt

Program Director
Julia Fielding

Front Desk Staff
Charlotte Washington
Barbara Fogle 

Marketing Trainee
Conrad Manning
Board of Directors
Executive Officers                                                   Members of the Board

Michael Cutrona

Vice President
David Shore

Ronald Layman 

Shawn Washington

Lee Leonard
Paul Zisserson
Chuck James
Candace Davenport
Brenda Gibson
Chris Scott
Gregory Bowman
Kathy Hudson
Terri Hirst
David Donovan
Eileen Horner
Michael Packard
Fadua Houser 

“It is not enough to limit your love to your own nation, to your own group. You must respond with love even to those outside of it… This
 concept enables people to live together not as nations, but as the human race.”
—Clarence Jordan
 Theologian & Affordable Housing Pioneer