GM mental health

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Mental Health in Greater Manchester
Recent statistics on
Greater Manchester  mental health cohort costs
Greater Manchester direct costs of Mental Health
Greater Manchester  mental health facts:
2014 Statistics 
By 2020/21 the GM health and social care system faces an estimated financial deficit of £2bn

There are 3,981 people in GM in contact with mental health services for every 100,000 of the population compared to 2,176 nationally

£615m is spent on mental health services across Greater Manchester
Bed-based inpatients
Alcohol misuse
Substance misuse
Source :
  • By 2020/21 expand crisis resolution and home treatment teams to ensure 24/7 community-based mental health crisis response is available
  • By 2020/21 clear and comprehensive set of care pathways with accompanying quality standards and guidance for the full range of mental health conditions  
  • Recognise employment as a crucial health outcome and supporting people with mental health problems to find and stay in work 
  • Partnership led co-produced standards to ensure acute mental health care is provided in the least restrictive manner and as close to home as possible  
GM mental health plan