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Mercedes Calcano
Pioneer   ::   Amazon by Trade   ::   Maverick
I am driven out of a mentality of expansion while ensuring that the choices and activities undertaken fit my beliefs and values in the context of life, the future and other people.
I am a Renaissance woman; I do many things and all very well.  Amazon by trade and a jigsaw creator of beauty and functionality I can take you from earthly ordinary circumstances to heavenly extraordinary heights. Insanely resourceful, my creative drive approaches life with realistic optimism providing elegant solutions for everyday challenges.
Inner- Ecology
Personal Statement
I am a force in the world for good; a pioneer subservient to purpose and mastery. I have a solid core to face my own challenges and a deep understanding of intentions and intrinsic motivations. With an eclectic combination of scholarly and self-made, self-directed person, I see myself as a catalyst to craft contexts in which we can realize potential with perceptual optimism bias about what is possible.
Natural coach embodying many 21st skills. 25 years training and mentoring in an engaging and safe environment with high standards and quality outcomes. Excel in finding order in chaos or making it so beautiful that it sells. Self-monitoring type with high independence and project self-confidence; ready to extend insights and post counterfactuals in the face of complications and alternatives scenarios. Thrive in flexible environments and project based situations. Ready to seek direct leadership guidance only after exhausting my own resources and in the face of clear expertise. Balance between collaboration and working independently is the ideal scenario for me.
“If it exists, I will find it. If not, I will create it. If it can be reworked, I will adapt it. If it is just a dream, I will make it happen.”
Artistry is a modern core human competency
Today we need multi thread problem solvers, flexible gear shifters and game changers. Artistry finds connections in the highly complex, unusual and unexpected. Enjoys bringing together disparate bits of information and facts, identifying fundamental principles and structures and unpacking strategies and observations.  As a multi-potentialist creator I build coherent stories applying knowledge and techniques from one discipline to another in new contexts. As an artist, I excel in doing so and as a caveat, I make it beautiful.
Mingle different domains of knowledge to innovate and generate new recipes for interacting with your environment through relationships and technologies.
Jigsaw Puzzle hacker and stabilizer Mercedes Calcano suggests...
The labor of an artist is about making, doing, sharing, caring, transforming and connecting. Applying the bone of creative work to different fields shall render significant benefits in partnerships and collaborative endeavors.
Through Artistry facilitation we achieve balance between functionality and beauty and develop a meaningful style in innovation and deep knowledge. Artistry morphs us into self-directed individuals who embrace a lifelong pilgrimage in originality and integrity with an endlessly creative way of being present in the world.
Why a Big Picture Specialist?
To address both the current circumstance and the future relevant choices that may arise as a result of it. To post counterfactuals and crisscross the project mind map with those connections that only she sees.
Achieve long term and loyal satisfied clientele by saying “YES” to a calling and caring deeply about theirs.
A professional musician or visual artist is master coach of the unpredictable, an expert in deep practice and ignition and a juggler of deadlines and long terms goals. We train ourselves and others to recognize common traits in dissimilar phenomena; understand principles and use the information in a detailed, logical and sequential manner. As an experience mentor on a private or organizational basis I look for the best in my clients engaging them with a firm belief in their potential and resourcefulness and train them to target those characteristics and patterns common to skill acquisition and success foundations which translate in accelerated learning.  
Samford University, 2013 Birmingham, Al Universidad Simon Bolivar & Unearte, 2004 IUDEM University of the Arts,  2000, Caracas
Other Studies & Certifications
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