Increase Medicaid and CHIP Funding

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Medicaid and CHIP Help Real Families
Make Sure Congress Funds these Vital Health Insurance Programs
A Society of Behavioral Medicine Call to Action
The proposed federal budget cuts Medicaid funding by almost half.
Congress let Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) funding lapse.
States took over, but dollars are limited and benefits can be shifted to other insurance plans. 1.1 million children are likely to lose insurance.
$1.49 trillion cut
by 2027
These programs help real people.
Medicaid and CHIP funding is in danger.
Medicaid provides health insurance for 1 in 5 Americans, all low-income and/or disabled.
CHIP provides health insurance for 1 in 8 U.S. children,
all low-income but whose families make too much
to qualify for Medicaid.
The alternative is poor health and financial strain
for millions of America's most vulnerable citizens.

They experience better health, educational attainment, and economic stability.
Plus decreased infant and child mortality.
Ask Congress to increase Medicaid and CHIP funding,
and extend CHIP to 2022.