Ms. Frantz's Algebra 1 Syllabus

published by Megan Frantz

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How to succeed in Algebra 1 with Ms. Frantz
What should I already know?
What topics will we cover?
Algebra 1 is a fun and exciting course that covers all the fundamentals that will be a part of the rest of the math you ever do. Understanding basic algebra is key to being successful in Geometry, Statistics, Trigonometry, Advanced Algebra, Chemistry, Physics and even Calculus! 
What's this class about?
You should have a basic understanding of all math classes up to this point. Math builds on itself and every layer is equally important. Obviously I don't expect you to remember everything you've ever learned in a math class, so here are some main ideas I expect you to be confident in:         Operations (+ - * /) with numbers          Ability to recognize patterns and relationships         Fractions, decimals, proportions and percents If you got  an A or a B in in Math 8, you're right on track. If not, please make sure you ask for help throughout the year! 
Equations Inequalities Graphing & Functions Linear Equations & Inequalities Exponents & Exponential Functions Polynomials & Factoring Radical Expressions & Equations Rational Expressions & Equations 
Class Website
Be sure to check out my website by clicking this for a calendar, homework and online links.
What if I need help?
After School
I'm usually available until around 3, just let me know before so I can plan.
The high school version of BASE, except you have to choose a place to be everyweek (library, comp lab, classroom). My FLEX is reserved for students that need to make something up or need help with a current topic.
We will be using McGraw Hill's Algebra 1 CCSS textbook. The book is available online. Students will receive a textbook if requested and we will have a set in class.
The internet is an AMAZING resource- don't be afraid to use it!!!
What is expected of me in class?
In order for our classroom to run smoothly and for all students to feel comfortable learning, there are a few things I need from you: 1. Come to class on time and prepared. 2. Be respectful to EVERYONE in our class. 3. Actively participate in class EVERY DAY. 4. Try your hardest and limit distractions. If you choose to not meet these expectations, you are choosing to accept the consequences associated.  Phones are expected to be put away during class time. There will be occasions when we will use them in class, but I will let you know. If it is interrupting your learning, it will be confiscated.  
What if I'm absent?
If you are gone from class, check the weekly calendar for what you missed. Don't be afraid to ask a friend and look in the Absent Work Folders. You are expected to make up any missing work in 2 days. If you miss a review day, you still must take the test on test day.   Remember absences can affect your grade. When you are absent, you are missing instruction that's difficult to completely make up. Also, in high school, 9 tardies, 4 unexcused absences or 15 total absences can result in the loss of credit for a class, reguardless of your grade.
You are expected to come to class prepared every day.  Passes will not be given for forgetting supplies. You should walk into math class daily with:                                                    3-ring binder &                              notebook/paper                                       Pencils & pen              Pad of Post-its            Calculator (scientific-                  NO GRAPHING CALCS)              Online Algebra 1                 Textbook 
Student Devices
We will use the devices you were given by the district often in and out of class. You are expected to bring it CHARGED everyday and to use it responsibly. Not bringing your device may result in the inability to complete an assignment.
Not allowed. Turn stuff in on time and make up absent work in allotted time.
Late Work
You have seven minutes of passing time, use it wisely. Don't make a habit of waiting until class starts.
You are expected to use all of your class time wisely.  Do not line up at the door and wait for the bell to ring.
How will my
FInal Exam
Every chapter will have one or two quizzes over some of the chapter's material. Each quiz is worth 50 points. Only scientific calculators will be allowed. 
Every chapter will have one test over all of the chapter's material. Each test  is worth 100 points. Only scientific calculators will be allowed.  
At the end of each semester, students will take a comprehensive final test worth 15 % of their grade. The two quarter grades make up 42.5% each of the final grade.
Both homework and in class work can be graded. Occasionally videos will be checked for points. On quiz days corresponding work will be collected and graded.
Flipped Classroom
In this Algebra 1 class we will be "flipping" our time. That means what you have traditionally called "homework" will now be what we do in class and what was done in class (like lectures) will be homework. 
At Home
In class we will start most days by going over the lecture. We will then build on our new knowledge by practicing our skills while I can help you. We will be able to answer questions quickly and dive deeper into the material because you have your peers and I as a recource. 
In Class
At home you will have homework, but it will be in the form of a video lecture. My goal is to keep the videos to around 10 minutes long. The awesome thing about video lectures is that you can rewind and rewatch as many times as you need. If you have questions as you follow along, make note of them to go over in class.
Why are we flipping?
1. More opportunities for help 2. Easier homework 3. Ability to think deeper in class 4. More time for projects and activities 5. Provides different instruction and practice for student success   
For Parents
Ways to help your student succeed
# 1. Make sure your student comes to school prepared and ready to learn # 2. Remind your students to complete their homework (you can even watch it with them!) & study for tests and quizzes # 3. If your student is struggling, encourage them to get help  # 4. Regularly check your students grades to hold them accountable on Parent Portal 
EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: (517) 706 - 4761 PLANNING HOUR: 3rd hour (about 10-11)   
You can text  @msf-alg to (517) 213-4076 for class updates and announcements.