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Get Started
Posters/flyers advertising for readathon; sponsorship cards
Have a school-wide readathon! Pick a theme and set up a time frame for the readathon to take place. Ask students to make a list of the books they read and/or set a goal of how many books/hours they will read. Encourage them to find sponsors.
The readathon can focus on reading for a certain length of time or on reading a set number of books in a given time frame. Students can read at home or read at a school-wide "camp out" including reading, food, and fun activities.
The key is to let students choose their own books and to have fun. Students solicit pledges from family and community members, and funds raised may buy new classroom or school library books or be donated to a nonprofit.
Why it Works
Motivates students to read books outside the classroom Involves the entire school and community members The incentive to raise money for their school or others in need motivates students to set and reach goals