The Startup Way

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C.A.P.E. Entrepreneurship Unit 1
the startup way
Nature of entrepreneurship Intrapreneurship Small Business Management Types &Characteristics Regional entrepreneurs Diversity in entrepreneurship
Module 1 - The Entrepreneurial Mindset
Module 2 - The Entrepreneurial Process
Idea generation Opportunity identification Business concepts Resources Implementation and Mangement Harvesting the venture
Module 3 - Creativity and Innovation
Principles of creativity Innovation principles Disruptive, Incremental &Open innovation Nurturing and Managing Innovation Protecting innovation & creativity
60% of your grade
Reflection presentation
Write a case study
Conduct interviews with entrepreneurs
S.B.A. Checklist
Challenge Question 1: If you had to invent one piece of wearable computing. What would it be, who would buy it and why?
Challenge Question 2: Your mother is a mango vendor. You want to innovate the way she does business. What would you do? How would this improve sales
Ideas, creativity and innovation
A commitment to research, continuous learning and diligence.
Great for artistically inclined persons.
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