Beach nudity by the numbers

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beach nudity by the numbers
Which countries sunbathe in the buff?
18% of men and 6% of women worldwide have sunbathed nude.
28% of Germans and Austrians have spent a day at the beach naked, and are the mostly likely to do so worldwide.
Least likely? 2% of Japanese, 3% of South Koreans and 4% of Thai beachgoers have sunbathed nude.
20% of female beachgoers worldwide have spent time topless.
49% of Austrians are likely to go topless at the beach.
Which countries are most likely to go  topless?
42% of Spaniards are likely to go topless at the beach.
39% of Germans are likely to go topless at the beach.
Who knew?
 72% report being “very” or “somewhat” comfortable with the practice, trailing only the Spanish (74%).
Though statistically unlikely to participate, the Japanese expressed a high level of comfort with beach nudity or female toplessness.
Toplessness is a largely European phenomenon.
Source: 2014 Expedia Flip Flop Report