Environmental Performance 2016.17

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Environmental Performance
Our use of resources such as energy, water and fuel continues to improve, due mainly to the contraction of the authority. This year we started implementing new plans to improve corporate waste performance, renew our commitment to sustainable procurement and ensure we are taking the opportunity to get better outcomes for countryside and heritage through our varied projects.
24% reduction in total  energy use and a 17% improvement in the  efficiency of our buildings since 2012/13
33% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since 2012/13.
LED and part-night street lighting have reduced consumption by 14% since 2012/13
Waste and Resources
Reused 39 tonnes of office items with a value of £221,000 since 2014
90% of staff have access to recycling facilities at work
Devon Norse 'Keep Cup' has saved 10,000 disposable cups in 6 months
Energy used per employee for business travel is down 9% on 2015/16
45,000 electric  miles, saving 10t of greenhouse gas
Greenhouse gas emissions from school transport down 4% on 2015/16
Total consumption is 72% lower than 2008/09
Water use per employee down 31% on 2015/16
New Ivybridge Recycling Centre harvests rainwater
A Sustainability Impact Tool is used for activity over £10,000 to ensure sustainability effects are considered
All timber and paper is from certified sustainable sources
The Southern Construction Framework requires higher sustainability standards from contractors than are mandatory
Countryside and Heritage
New Environment 
Viewer provides online access to mapped information about Devon's environment 
Highways Winter Service uses GPS technology to minimise the salt deposited in the environment 
County Farm re-letting reports advise new tenants about the valuable environmental and cultural assets on the land holding 
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