Water for South Sudan

published by Rhyann Clarke

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How to Provide Access to Adequate Sanitation in Order to Promote Women's Health and Hygiene
This organization provides girls in middle to low income countries with reusable pads and education on women's health. 
At Wake STEM ECHS, we are raising money to build a well by partnering with the foundation Water for South Sudan. They will use money to build new wells, rehabilitate old wells, and provide hygiene education for local communities. 
Donate to organizations that fund projects to help supply women with menstrual products and clean water
Educate women about health and hygiene so they can begin to teach others
Combine both to make sure women are healthy, contributing members of society. 
Scan the QR code to donate to Days for Girls and help them provide the supplies girls need to improve their health and hygiene.
Sew DFG KIts
Help DFG by becooming a super swist or creating a team/chapter. You will help sew DFG kits to be distributed to girls in need.
Scan the QR code to donate to Water for South Sudan to help us reach our goal of $1000
Take Action 
Walk with us to experience what women and children go through everyday to get clean water for their families.
Water for South Sudan
Days for Girls