Access to Clean Water

published by daniel.trivette

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How Can Providing Sustainable Energy Help Reduce Global Water and Sanitation Issues?

Water Crises
How Sustainable Energy Can Help
Our solution is to provide solar PV pumps to developing countries whose citizens still lack access to clean water. Using a sustainable form of energy such as solar will allow for year-round use of these pumps for a low cost. The solar PV pumps will pump groundwater for the citizens of these countries to use.
What is the solution?
Tucker Trivette, Tyler Gilreath, James Taylor, and Thomas Galletta
  • In many countries, citizens are only able to drink water that will cause them to get sick and potentially die.

  • 1 in 9 people do not have access to clean water.

  • The lack of clean water, sanitation and hygiene is a leading cause of cholera and a variety of infectious and tropical diseases.
  • Sustainable energy is several forms of energy that do not negatively impact the environment while maintaining efficiency.

  • Americans spent less than 4 percent of average annual household income on energy in 2016. This percentage continues to drop.

  • Fuel costs for water pumping account for up to 50 percent of a farmer’s total cost of production in South Sudan.