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published by Laila Jones

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Empowering Women 
One Drop at a Time 
Are Women Less Deserving of Basic Human Rights?
Why are women subjected to domestic roles in LMICs? 
Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
• Millions of women focus on acquiring water & food. 

• Resulting in women not receiving an education or pursuing a career.

• This disadvantages women from creating the life they all deserve.
The Global Overview
LMICs lack proper infrastructure needed for adequate sanitation & clean water.
2.4 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services
 Problem: women in LMICs are more vulnerable to waterborne illnesses.

 Result: reduces a woman’s chance in getting an education 

 Improving sanitation & access to water, allows women to advance.
South Sudan
Areas in South Sudan often lack proper infrastructure.
In Sudan 68% of households have access to clean water
A girl's reality due to a well built in her village

 “Nya took the gourd...scooped up the brown muddy water and drank”

 “Nya...would...go to school...there would be a marketplace...a clinic..."
Our Solution
Communities in LMICs stress the “collective” aspect of community. 
Over 35 million girls don't attend school in LMICs
• Development of water infrastructures by offering wells. 

• Vocational education that‘s inclusive to men & women. 

• Schools that teach basic water management skills.
How Can You Help?
Donating money to Water for Sudan! Every dollar counts!
Make a donation to Water for Sudan using the QR Code!

Other foundations to donate to: 


By: Jessica Okpara, Laila Jones, and Nyssa Ndey-Bongo