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Water's Impact on Economic Growth and Stability
Jasmine Chauhan, Sylvia Hopkins, Veronica McVey, Jarod Schneider
Brazil suffers from droughts, caused by deforestation and lack of planning and control. Causing cities to deny water for civilian use, hurting many communites
The Water Crisis is Widespread
Across southern Europe, countries like Greece have had to constantly tap into new water sources in order to maintain supply, hindering growth on other aspects. 
Qatar has a booming agricultural economy, straining resources, causing limit of civilian use. This is causing a decline in community health and development
Water crisis can be caused by natural disaster, insufficient infrastructure, strained resources due to industry or agriculture, and unstable government. The water crisis has taken root in countries in every corner of the world, such as Brazil, Greece, and Qatar. Due to the versatility of the water crisis, efforts to end it must also be versatile. 
Integrating irrigation systems into rural communities

In order to use less water for agriculture and increase food production

In many countries roughly 80% of the water supply is used for agriculture. Taking away from civilian purposes
Raise awareness of the water crisis
Raise money for new water wells through donating to non profit organizations such as Water for South Sudan
In A Long Walk to Water tells the story of Nya, a young girl in South Sudan who has to walk 12 hours every day to gather water. The establishment of a well would not only provide access to clean water, it would also allow girls such as Nya to go to school. In a Long Walk to Water, the establishment of the clean water well allowed the village to develop a school, a health clinic, and a marketplace.
Water is the Key to Development and Economic Success
Clean water access makes it so girls can receive an education
When clean water is readily available, people have better access to food  because of increased economic success  and development
When people are not solely trying to survive, they are able to develop schools
With clean water, communities are better equiped to provide healthcare for themselves
Contaminated water can lead to fatal illness, having clean water eliminates the risk of waterborne illnesses
With healthcare, education, food, and clean water, communities are able to develop  and become economically successdul