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Student responses
The following chart illustrates student responses after using an adapted version of the SLIM toolkit questionnaire to collect information. Questions 1-3 & 7 were graphed according to numerical responses, while questions 4-6 developed from themes reflected in the personal journey of the students involvement.
Students were asked to take some time to think about their topic and reflect on what they already know about it. Their statement responses were coded into the 3 categories of fact, explanation and conclusion.
Question 1 - Student Existing Knowledge
Question 2 - Interest on Topic
Question 3 - Students' Perceived level of Knowledge
Question 4-5 Technology/Literacy/Data
Within this section of the questionnaires, the student responses emerged as themes or topic areas that they reflected on.
Question 6 - Questionnaire 3
Closing Question - Students Emotional Reflection
The final question asked the students to consider how they felt about their research.
Created in Piktochart (online DIY info graphic editor) by Keiran Chandler-Pennisi
This chart was created to assist in the representation of questionnaire data relevant to an inquiry based project, involving Year 4 Geography students. An adapted version of the SLIM toolkit questionnaire was used.