KLA Fall Parent Survey

published by Jillian Schulte

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Kenwood Leadership Academy Magnet School
My child talks about using
the 7 Habits at school.
Average Rating
My child practices the 
7 Habits at home.
Average Rating
Thank you for completing our survey. We had 266 responses! As you browse through the results, remember that our rating scale ranged from 1-5. 1 was the lowest score (strongly disagree) and 5 was the highest (strongly agree).
People at school care about my child.
98% of KLA families strongly agree or agree that people at school care about their child! 
We strive to EMPOWER students 
to take the LEAD in their learning. 

4. My child is in charge of 
his or her self and learning. 
5. My child sets 
goals at school. 
6. My child creates a plan to achieve their goals. 
Average Rating= 4.37
Average Rating= 4.55
Average Rating= 4.34
Below are the  percentages of families answering strongly agree and agree as well as the average rating.
Paradigm of Potential: 
We believe that EVERYONE has a genius. 
7. This school honors my child's strengths. 

92% of families strongly agree or agree.
4.6 Average Rating
4.67 Average Rating
Paradigm of Leadership:
We believe that EVERYONE can be a leader.
8. My child has opportunities 
to lead at this school. 
9. My child can make a positive 
difference in the 
school & community. 
91% of families 
strongly agree
 or agree.
95% of families 
strongly agree
 or agree.
10. My child can stop, think, and act to improve a situation. 
Be Proactive: You're in Charge!
You choose your actions, attitude, and mood. 
Average Rating = 4.67
90% of families strongly agree or agree.
My child likes school and 
enjoys coming to school.
Average Rating
My child has many opportunities to learn about leadership at this school. 
Average Rating
96% of families 
strongly agree or agree that their child likes school and enjoys coming to school!
The staff at this school contribute to a positive, welcoming learning environment.
97% of families 
strongly agree or agree that the KLA staff contribute to a positive, welcoming learning environment!  
We are committed to continuous improvement to create 
a learning environment that SEES, INSPIRES, and EMPOWERS the lifelong learner and leader in ALL OF US.
Comments from KLA families: 

We have really enjoyed KLA. I enjoy learning all the habits and seeing how they work with my professional life. I really like how I can incorporate the 7 habits and I know these kids will take these 7 habits with them in their future learning. 
This school is doing so much to help my child learn and be a good leader. I love that he can come to school and learn and grow. I am glad I chose to send him to Kenwood.
I really enjoy seeing the focus our school has not only on academics but the focus in helping our children see and understand what it takes to be a leader for themselves and others.
My son likes going to school as compared to last year. His teacher is fantastic at incorporating my child's passion into a learning curriculum to be shared with the class and motivate him to learn more and lead in ways that also excites learning! Very pleased.
My child is now able to express himself and sets goals for school and the next day, and I think that it is very important for his learning.
I'm very glad we chose to put our child in the lottery to go to this school. It provides a more hands on and interactive learning experience that she has started to thrive under. She no longer complains about having to go to school and is genuinely excited about the clubs and projects she is a part of. I appreciate what this school is doing for our kids.
KLA has made great improvements from year 1 as a magnet school. We are seeing more Leadership habits in communication, work activities at school, and in our children..