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By: Sydney Mertens
November first kicked off Prematurity Awareness Month, a promotion encouraging the support of the March of Dimes. FBLA has raised over $15 million for the March of Dimes within the 40 year relationship that we have had with the them. Through Nonstop November, FBLA encourages its local chapters to participate in fundraising and increasing awareness for premature babies. Many different chapters participate in this program each year. This year, the Bellevue FBLA chapter hosted a dime war between each grade in their high school. They also had a purple out on Prematurity Awareness Day, November 17, and they had a speaker come in and talk about prematurity awareness. At Western Dubuque High School, the FBLA chapter raised money by holding a blood drive, and the will be hosting a movie Matinee of The Polar Express with all proceeds going to the March of Dimes. Iowa FBLA has done a phenomenal job of raising money and awareness for this organization in the 2017-2018 year so far. Keep it up!

Pictured is the Western Dubuque FBLA with their purple-out chapter picture and their movie matinee flyer.
Bruna Tavares, Secretary
Where are you from?
Dunlap, Illinois
What year in school are you?
What other FBLA offices do you hold?
What other activities are you in besides FBLA?
Local Chapter Vice-President
Student Ambassador for Junior Achievement of Central Illinois

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership
Ambassador at 2016 Illinois Central-South Leadership Seminar 2017 Junior-staff for Leadership in Action Assistant
How did you get involved in FBLA?
When I entered high school, I knew I wanted to study business afterwards, and FBLA was the only business-related organization at my school so it was definitely the best one for me to join! I went into it with a blind eye but my love and passion for our organization quickly grew, and I couldn’t imagine my life without it!
Running for national office had been a dream of mine since the beginning of 2016! Simply put, the amazing leaders that have come before me in our organization and the ones that inspire me each and every day now lit a fire and passion in my heart to serve this association as best as I can and being a national officer was the best way that I saw I could give back to FBLA just a fraction of what it has given me!
Why did you run for national office?
Who has been the most influential person in your FBLA career?
The most influential person in my FBLA career has by far been Corbin Robinson! I met Corbin during my sophomore year at a conference and have been good friends with him ever since. The passion, knowledge, and dedication he has for our organization is par to none, and it inspires me each and every day to be the best leader and person I can be for our members!
Personally, my biggest goal as a national officer this year is to impact at least one member’s life the way that our organization and each member in it have impacted mine. Every day, I need to look no further than our members for inspiration and motivation, and if I can serve as inspiration and motivation for just one member, then I will consider this year personally successful.
What is YOUR biggest goal as a national officer this year?
Will you continue to do PBL in college?
I am proud to say that I plan on being a lifetime member of FBLA-PBL, so I will definitely continue to do PBL in college and become a member of our Professional Division after college! Our organization truly provides life-changing opportunities across all of our divisions, and I cannot wait to be a lifetime member of an association that has already given me so much!
By: Lexi Mendoza
Prepare for Success
By: Allie Smith
It is time to start preparing for competitive events. These events can be daunting but with practice you can succeed. One very common competition is in the form of tests. These tests vary in topic, and regional testing is available for many of them. In order to practice and prepare for your test or to discover a good test for you, sign up for regional testing. These tests give you a taste of how tests at the State Leadership Conference will be, and how prepared you are for competition.

You can take two regional tests for $7 total, and you can take the tests online anytime now until the beginning of February! Please talk with your adviser if you are interested in regional testing. Take advantage of this great opportunity to prepare for and discover tests, and take part in regional testing. We hope you are all successful in your testing and are prepared and excited for the State Leadership Conference. Best of luck!

By: Matthew Current
At the State Fall Leadership Conference in Des Moines, members heard Colonel Timothy Glynn, a current National Guard officer and former FBLA National Treasurer, speak about ethics in leadership. After the keynote, workshops ranging in topic from recruitment to accounting careers were led by your state officers and business professionals. Members were shown how to “Elevate Their Future” this year in FBLA. At the end of the day, a dance and game night were held, and the March of Dimes Miracle Minute winner was announced. Your secretary Lexi Mendoza received a pie in the face from a member of the winning chapter. The next day, Iowa FBLA took on the Camp Dodge obstacle course.
At the National Fall Leadership Conference in St. Louis, attendees heard two great keynotes on motivation and grit. Presenters from across the country led workshops, giving members a wider range of topics to learn about. Iowa was recognized for earning 5th place in the country for Super Sweeps. While in St. Louis, chapters explored local attractions like the City Museum. A dance was also held. I hope everyone in attendance enjoyed the national conference and connected with members from across the midwest.

Be sure to reflect upon your fall conference experiences and use them to improve. Use what you learned to improve yourself as an FBLA member and a student. If you were not able to attend a fall conference, it’s still not too late to get involved! The State Leadership Conference in Coralville is coming up soon. Get started on your events, and consider running for state office. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in March!
Gear up for CTE Month with Action Awareness
Action awareness is a great national FBLA activity to get your chapter involved in! In order to compete in Action Awareness, chapters must complete one task for each of the “FBLA-PBL Week” days, one task for CTE month, and promote the awareness of FBLA programs. Chapters must also complete two of the required tasks, which include planning an activity for your members for each day of FBLA-PBL week, which takes place the second full week of February and planning at least one activity for CTE Month in February. My chapter celebrates FBLA-PBL week by dressing up, such as wearing business attire to school, representing their future by wearing their college attire, and showing FBLA pride by wearing their FBLA shirts. Competing in Action Awareness will earn your chapter delegates special ribbons to wear at the National Leadership Conference this summer, and all chapters who complete FBLA Action Awareness will be recognized on FBLA-PBL social media and the national website. For more information on how to get involved here is a link to the national website:

Check out the picture above of Waukon FBLA chapter participating in FBLA week by dressing in their business wear. Figure out what you can do to get your chapter involved this year!
By: Laurel Keenan
Running for State Office
By: Josh Bolen
Running for state office is fun and being a state officer is exciting and challenging. We are trying to fill six office positions this year.

Are you thinking about running for state office? Well if you are here is how it's done!

1. Get an application from the Iowa FBLA website found under resources for students.

2. Get it all filled out, signed and returned to Mrs. Mojeiko by January 20th.

3. Study for the state officer exam. You must take the state officer qualifying exam and pass this exam with at least a 75%

4. After taking the test you will hear back from the State Officer Advisor, Mrs. Mojieko, then begin preparing your campaign

Campaigns aren't always the easiest thing to put together so starting early isn't always a bad idea. If you need help brainstorming for booth ideas or campaign ideas, I suggest you reach out to an individual who has run in the past. You are required to prepare a speech that does not extend over a 4 minute limit. I would suggest that you tie in some sort of theme or slogan that is catchy for the audience. (In my case”Rollin with Bolen”) Networking and connections are key when it comes to election time so make sure you are being an active and impactful member in your local chapter. Throughout the campaign time you cannot share on any social media that you are planning on running until the conference. The is a rule that ensures an equal and fair race.

 Also if you are planning to run for national office at NLC this summer you must  write a letter of intend and send it to Lou Voss.

 I personally want to wish you the best of luck with your campaign, and cannot wait to see all of the candidates at SLC!

Please email [email protected] for any questions!
See you soon!