figo's PSD2|RTS Progress-O-Meter Update

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PSD2 | RTS Progress-O-Meter
Status and outlook on further progress  on the Regulatory Technical Standards on strong customer authentication and secure communication under PSD2
EBA European Banking Authority
EBA's opinion
End of June 2017 the EBA submitted RTS to the commission, that were not amended in line with the commission’s proposal. (Art. 10 (1) Regulation 1093/2010 - EBA Regulation)
Regulatory Technical Standards
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Status and outlook on further progress
The commission can now either adopt the RTS “with the amendments it considers relevant, or reject it” (Art. 10 (1) EBA Regulation)
European Commission
As soon as the commission adopts RTS it sends it to the European Parliament and to the Council simultaneously (Art. 11 (2) EBA Regulation)
Max. 3 month
Council of the EU
EU Parliament
Scrutiny right
Current state
No final RTS!
Regulatory Technical Standards
If one of the three institutions objects/rejects to the RTS it has to provide reasons
Regulatory Technical Standards
As soon as RTS are published in the Official Journal of the EU they enter into force.
No changes of EBA RTS by EU Comission
Max. 1 month
Max. 3 months
Changes of EBA RTS were made by EU Comission
figo GmbH, Gaußstr. 190c, 22765 Hamburg, Germany
One objection is enough
18 months after publishing
Application date
latest in June 2019