edSpace Group Owners Bingo

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edSpace Group Owners Bingo
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Does your group description clearly reflect the purpose and potential of this space to your group members? 

Have you supported others to register and join your group?

Have you made people feel welcome? 

Have you started a thread, added a blog post, news item or event for them to arrive at and engage with? 

Have you invited others to be proactive in your group as well?

Have you commented on a post and made others feel their contributions are valued? 

Have you helped to share ideas, create resources, unpack research/theories, nurture opinions, views, concerns and wonderings? 
Actions have consequences - the bigger the consequence the more rewards. Check out the BINGO actions star rewards system below.
Bringing educators together online, can be inspirational and transformational. Stories can be shared, ideas discussed, decisions made, resources created and much much more.
Update your profile. Without details, people can't connect with  you. 
Use widgets to personalise your dashboard and use edSpace as a learning portal.
Find like-minded huānga (members) to friend.
Make sure you set your site notifications to receive email updates from groups, events and friends. Go to your profile in top right and down to Settings.
Be a role model, help others to do the same
Become familiar with this framework.
Find and join OTHER ngā rōpū (groups) of interest. If trends arise in the most popular groups, cross-post in your own group or start discussions and respond to in these groups as well.
Send a message to a friend, invite them to a group or discussion. Broker connections between community members, ie: "You might like such-n-such's post on XXX." 
Keep an eye on the activity in your group/s.

Respond to queries (ie HELP posts) and comments as you feel compelled to. Try not to leave a post unanswered.
Whakawhanaungatanga - be social, help set the scene
If a discussion exists, leave a comment - respond to the author and add something of value. ie: Acknowledge other people's contributions and build on the sharing. 

For example, Ask for clarification, share a story, examples of practice, resources or readings. Try and avoid straight sharing of resource without an invitation to talk some more...
If a discussion doesn't exist, start one that reflects your group's purpose and intention. ie: Share a problem, a story, expertise, passions - that would inspire others to respond. Could be simple technical query, work related tasks or more complex pedagogical/theoretical. 

Ask questions, provoke responses, call for action to encourage information exchange, acknowledge others, encourage visible 'professional inquiry' online. 
In your group, create a blog post to create some thought-leadership around a current issue/trend/concern experienced in our local context or wider educational field. Invite debate and discussion back. Be relevant, provocative, personal. 

Inspire cross-pollination of ideas and discussion between community members.

'Like' other people's blogs.
Be a knowledge builder
Action one top tip - Facilitating online
Action one top top - When posting online
Massaging conversations that are invitational, cultural inclusive can be hard work - beyond task-oriented conversations. What you write can inspire those who wouldn't normally contribute to an online community. The two resources below outline some actions to help make your online interactions dynamic and encourage community members to influence each other for change.
Advertise and promote your edSpace group (if public) and it's content, discussions events with your audience via email.
Be visible, be seen in your group. Be the role-model. Invite others to be active in your group and assign roles, such: welcomer, events loader, guest discussion starter, guest blogger.
Invite others beyond your own school, email networks to join your group (if public) via Twitter, Facebook.
Be a promoter/ edSpace broker
Be the virtual host, virtual butler or better yet, the virtual bar tender of your group.