Sisters Of The Road

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Mobile Application
Our goal was to create an app that will assist the members of Sisters of the Road easily navigate to safe bathrooms, laundry facilities, wifi locations, and other areas. They would have the ability to drop pins notifying others of these areas as well as have access to other known locations. Our project was created using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Python, and Django. We also created designs in Sketch and Invision.
Future Feature highlights:
Team 5: Pindrops
If we had more time we would include not shown in prototype:
  • Include more pages with news, the menu for the week, and other contact info.
  • Allow users to drop pins and add comments that include information about those specific areas.
  • The ability to move a pin to another location if you are not present.
  • Alert users of sweeps happening in the area.
  • Option to turn off background refresh to save data.
  • Allow users to select alerts they would like to receive. If they have limited data, they could opt to receive push notifications so that they do not background refresh the app at all times.
UX Wizard
Created Design, HTML, and CSS
Backend Guru
Setup database & API Dev with Robert

Backend Dev
Setup database & API Dev with Sharlee

Frontend Dev
Connected to Google Maps API
Github Project
Live Prototype
Members of Sisters Of The Road with access to mobile phones, even those with limited data. 
Target Audience: