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School Counseling Program Profile 2017-2018 
  David Richey  
Our school counseling team is committed to Valley High School's mission of creating a supportive community in which every student is prepared in the areas of academic, career/college, and social/emotional development to become a responsible member of a global society. 

  Our school counselors provide students with the knowledge, skills, and tools to be college and career ready. They foster a safe and supportive environment by implementing a data-driven comprehensive school counseling program, evidence-based curricula, and restorative justice practices. 
They change lives by collaborating with families, teachers, and the community to address student needs and increase opportunities for students.    
Principal's Message
Group Counseling 
School Counseling Program
Core Curriculum 
The school counseling program utilizes the Compadres Network curriculum to deliver two counseling groups: 
The purpose of these 
counseling groups
 is to promote leadership and healthy development of students. 
1. Joven Noble 
2. Xinachtli 
ASCA Ethical Standards Statement
Group Counseling
The school counseling program delivers 
the following
classroom lessons:
  • Graduation Requirements 
  • A-G Requirements
  • Financial Aid 
  • College/Career Options
  • Study/Organization Skills
  • Developing SMART Goals 
The Valley High School counseling program abides by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) Ethical Standards for School Counselors.
Academic and Career/College Development 
School counselors provide academic advising and resources to enhance students' ability to learn and succeed. 
With the assistance from school counselors, all students: 

Learn about graduation requirements. 

Learn about A-G requirements

Develop a 4-year academic plan. 

Develop time-management,
study, and organization skills. 
Every year the school counseling team organizes the Junior Push and Senior Push. These events expose 11th grade and 12th grade students to information about college/careers. 
Social/Emotional Development 
School Counselors provide:

Individual counseling

Group counseling 

Crisis management
Mediation/Conflict resolution interventions

Referrals to mental health services
School counselors utilize  restorative justice circles and conflict mediation strategies to decrease suspension rates.
3 Mental Health counselors provide services to Valley HS students. 
*The rate of suspensions and expulsions is calculated by dividing the total number of incidents by the total enrollment x 100.
School Counseling Program Team
Gloria Garcia-Ortiz
School Counselor

M.A. Educational Counseling, Pupil Personnel Services Credential (P.P.S.)

American School Counselor Association 
Michael Moss
School Counselor

M.A.  Counselor Education, P.P.S., Administrative Credential 

American School Counselor Association 
Aimee DiLullo
School Counselor

M.A. Educational Counseling, P.P.S.

American School Counselor Association 
Alejandro Padilla
School Counselor

M.S. Counseling, P.P.S.
Ed.D. Educational Leadership

American School Counselor Association 
Sandra Perez
Lead School Counselor

M.A. Educational Counseling, P.P.S.

American School Counselor Association 
Our team provides services in English and Spanish. 
Deena Arellano 

Site Clerk 
Jeffrey Rozema
Assistant Principal

M.A. Educational Leadership, Teaching Credential in History, Administrative Credential 
April Gibbs

Higher Education Coordinator 
Alva Alvarez
Kelly Alexander 
Sydney Traxler 

Mental Health Counselors
Orange County Deparment of Education 
Not pictured 
Our team of highly qualified educators are members of professional organizations, participate in professional development and maintain credentials for their respective positions.
Our team of professionals work collaboratively to support all students' academic, social/emotional, and college/career readiness development. 
Partners and Programs
Contact us!
Phone: (714) 241-6420
Fax: (714) 241-6522
School Calendar
School Website
Gloria Garcia-Ortiz
Michael Moss
Alejandro Padilla
Aimee DiLullo
Sandra Perez
Students Last Name: A-Cor  
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Ext. 68312   
  Please allow 48 hours for a return email or phone call.  
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This School Counseling
Program Profile was designed by California State University, Long Beach School Counseling Intern Monica Cabrera Lucero.

Funding for the publication of this Profile was generously provided by the CSU Collaborative for the Advancement of Linked Learning.