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26782 Via Grande
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Viejo Elementary School 
School Counseling Program Profile 
Dual Language Immersion Program 
Principal's Message
Our wonderful and kind-hearted, school counselor Mrs. Berber is committed to providing all students with a comprehensive school counseling program. 

Mrs. Berber takes the lead to implement interventions and programs to enhance student social-emotional, academic, and college/career development through classroom lessons, small groups and individual counseling.

At Viejo Elementary, our school counselor creates a positive school climate by having students participate in social-emotional learning that promotes students' school success and a safe and respectful school climate. This year we launched our Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS). PBIS is an approach that we use to improve school safety and promote positive behavior. 

Our school counselor changes lives by providing our students with engaging and proactive activities to help them achieve success.

 Mr. Jesus Becerra
Meet Our Counselor
Mrs. Berber has been the school counselor at Viejo Elementary School since 2014.

She received her Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts and her Masters in School Counseling with a California Pupil Personnel (PPS) Credential from the University of La Verne. 

Dr. Irma Fernandez 
Bilingual Education Specialist
Our Viejo Student Support Team
Virginia Garro
Bilingual School Psychologist
Joan Sternberg
Speech Pathologist
Lisa Moreno
Bilingual Office Manager
Cecilia Chung
Trilingual Attendance Clerk
Amparo Azzazy
Bilingual Community Services Lisaon
Our School Counseling Program
The school counselor strives to deliver a comprehensive K-5 program that is data-driven and focused on the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) National Model three domains:

Academic Achievement

Career Readiness

Social/Emotional Development
What else may the counselor be involved with?
1.Small group counseling
2.Short term individual counseling
3.School Counseling Core Curriculum    Lessons
4.Conflict resolution
5.Implementation/Development of student interventions
6.PBIS Program
7.Parent/Faculty meetings
8.Other school programs

The Viejo Elementary School Counseling Program abides by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) Ethical Standards for School Counselors.
Our Vision
Our Mission
The students at Viejo Elementary School will develop into socially competent bilingual individuals, who will enter adulthood with confidence in their abilities to overcome challenges with resilience and become world class citizens. Students will successfully pursue post-secondary options of their choice and manage their lives as healthy, responsible, and competent individuals who respect themselves and others. 
The mission of the Viejo Elementary School Counseling Program is to provide all students with equitable access to a data-driven comprehensive school counseling program. Students will engage in social-emotional, academic, and college/career development to learn how to become responsible, successful citizens who will exhibit positive character traits.
Social/Emotional Development
Second Step is a district adopted Social/Emotional Learning Curriculum that is implemented through classroom lessons delivered by the School Counselor. Students will receive a minimum of 6 lessons that cover the following topics:
  • Recognizing emotions in oneself and others
  • Managing strong emotions
  • Having empathy for others
  • Controlling impulses
  • Communicating clearly and assertively
  • Maintaining cooperative relationships
  • Making responsible decisions
  • Solving problems effectively
The school counselor conducts 7-10 small groups throughout the academic school year to increase self-esteem, communication skills, personal space, skills for learning, and school success.
Through direct student services, office discipline referrals have decreased since the school counseling program was implemented in 2015-2016
Academic Development
Students who attend school on a regular basis are more likely to succeed academically. The school counselor implemented an attendance intervention and reduced the number of chronic absences.
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Career Exploration
All 4th grade students participate in a Career Exploration project.
All 5th grade students research and present their findings on a college of their choice. 
Partnerships and Programs
Viejo Elementary School collaborates with community partners and programs to provide all students and families with resources to help them succeed. 

To learn more about our partnerships and programs, or wish to share an idea about additional resources please contact Amparo Azzazy at (949) 582-2424 or [email protected]

Contact Information
This School Counseling Program Profile was designed by California State University, Long Beach Intern Sandra Keeley
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