English 10 2 Syllabus

published by Heather Pierce

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English 10 
2017-2018 Mrs. Heather Pierce
Email: [email protected]        Phone: 270-622-4119 or  615-633-7287 Website:
English 10 at a Glance
Welcome to Mrs. Pierce's English 10 class.  In this class, you will explore the thematic concept of culture through the study of Elie Wiesel's Night and other historical texts.  This is a place where we work, think, and create understanding as we read, analyze, discuss, and write texts together. You will be challenged to use evidence from challenging texts in both your written and oral responses.  After our study of Night, you will be expected to write about an experience that affected you deeply and defined your culture.  I can't wait to see your thinking on this and other big ideas. My goal is to provide you with opportunities to grow as observant readers, active listeners, critical thinkers, and effective writers--some of the key skills you will need in other high school classes, college courses, and your future career.
Units of Study
Creating a Culture of Learning: The Importance of Literacy for Leadership
Using Our Stories to Find Our Identity: A Study of Night
Literary Analysis: An Analytical Essay
The Argument Culture:  An Demand Speech
Studying Alternative History: A Synthesis Paper
Learning is a vulnerable task. To create a learning community, EVERYONE must feel safe to explore the subject matter. Think before you speak. Be polite and gracious to all who enter.
Be Respectful.
Consistently come to class prepared. In addition to supplies, please mentally and physically prepare yourself. Eat and sleep well. Do your homework and be on time to class.
Be Responsible.
We are all vital members of the classroom environment, and when you are not here, you are missed.
Active involvement in the learning process is expected on a daily basis. Participate! This will enhance the culture of our learning community.
Be an Active Listener.
You will review ACSHS policies in PRIDE.  Pay special attention to the school policy on dress code and food/drinks.
All electronic devices should be placed in a backpack, purse, or pocket as soon as the tardy bell rings.  If they are seen on the desk, in the lap, or in your hand without permission, it is an automatic office referral.

Electronic Devices
Student and Teacher Responsibilities
Be Here.
Remember all ACSHS Handbook Policies.
Grading Policy
Summative Assessments & Final Writing Assignments
Daily/Formative Assessments
Literacy for Leadership
Grading Notes
*Students must turn in a Missing Work Log in lieu of a late assignment.  This will be recorded as Missing in Infinite Campus until it is turned in. *Students who turn in work, but don't seem to meet the learning target, will have their grade noted as Incomplete in Infinite Campus.  They may then look at notes on the work and turn it in again to receive a final grade. *All daily/formative work must be completed within the unit to which it belongs. (Except Literacy for Leadership assignments.  These are due on the due dates they are assigned.  No exceptions)

  *No late formative assessment or make-up work will be accepted after the unit test.
Resubmission Policy
*Students may re-submit work at any time to receive the score the work earns, even if it was not returned to them as Incomplete. *The resubmission deadline for all work is the day before the unit test.
This class will thrive on class discussions, group projects, presentations, and hands-on activities.  Therefore, students will receive frequent participation grades.  Participation grades may include such factors as students preparation, discussion contribution, cooperative attitude, teamwork, enthusiasm, and critical thinking skills
This site will allow you to practice skills that we are learning in class in preparation for End of Course and the ACT.  Students can also earn tokens for participation on this site and play games.
USA Test Prep
Independent Reading Projects
Students will have a bi-weekly vocabulary test.  An emphasis will be placed on using context clues to decipher meaning.
Students will be expected to complete activities and quizzes on as part of the mastery of the English content.
No Red Ink
To help improve students' comprehension, vocabulary, and background knowledge, they will be expected to complete an Article of the Week.
Google Drive Binder
Key Assignments
Article of the Week
Students will read three  outside novels/books of choice this semester.  For each book, they will complete a project of of choice from a list that I supply.
Students will maintain an online writing binder with Google Drive.  This will allow them to write collaboratively with classmates and share writing assignments with me for grading.
1 1/2 “ three-ring binder Package of 5 – tab dividers Notebook paper Pencils or Pens (blue or black ink) Highlighters Post-it Notes *Any time a student can donate disinfecting wipes, tissues, or a box of pencils or sharpies, it will be appreciated by the classroom community. *Students have until Wednesday, January 10, to obtain all class supplies.  Students will receive a participation grade for supplies on January 10.  If you need help getting these supplies, contact me or Youth Services as soon as possible.
English Class Supplies