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and its impact on students and families
What is it?
Mean, false, harmful information sent through text messages, social media or online apps
According to, the percentage of kids who have been bullied on line is  

Cyber Stalking
Victims of Cyberbullying
*Cyberbullying Research Center Sameer Hinduja & Justin Patchin (2015) 
In one Survey:
I was bullied online due to:
  • my looks
  • my race
  • my religion
  • my sexuality
  • I'm autistic
Effects of Cyberbullying
Low self esteem
Impact  on social life
Self-harming behavior
Suicidal thoughts
Suicide attempts
Bully others
Sameer Hinduja, Justin W Patchin 2015
What Can You Do to Stop or Prevent Cyberbullying?
Don't respond or retaliate!  They are looking for you to react and you turn into a bully yourself!
Pause before you post! Don't ruin your reputation or give others information to use against you!
Talk to a trusted adult. Whether it's your parents, a teacher or school counselor. Let someone know so they can help you!
Use privacy controls. Only share your number and social media with trusted friends. If a bully gets your number, block them!
Be a friend.  Reading or forwarding mean messages only enables the bully. Tell the bully to stop and post positive messages about the victim! 
Save the evidence.  Don't automatically erase the messages. They can be saved and used if  the bullying continues or gets worse!
As parents, talk to your kids.  Teach them about cyberbullying and engaging in it is never acceptable!
As parents, keep track.  Learn what kids are doing and keep track of their online behavior!