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Instructional Design at Granite State College
   Leadership • Innovation • Support • Collaboration • Pedagogy • Teaching • Learning  
a process in which faculty and course designers explore the needs and goals of learners to achieve the desired outcomes. Instructional Design is for ALL course formats.
Instructional Design is...
   extensive teaching experience in addition to credentials for instructional design. They are knowledgeable about a variety of techniques to create effective learning experiences.
  Instructional Designers have...  
Who is involved and what methods are used?
Subject Matter Experts (faculty and others), Instructional Designers (IDs), Rich Media Specialists, Directors, Information Technologists and other stakeholders.  There are many models for instructional design including ADDIE & Backwards Design (Understanding by Design).  Ultimately, we are flexible in applying a model that works best for the time-frame and work-style. We also promote Universal Design for ADA compliance AND student success. 
How does Instructional Design help our students?
When students have a clear idea of what is expected they are more successful academically. 
A consistent and streamlined learning experience allows students to focus on the subject matter.
Good design creates opportunities to engage with the instructor,  classmates and the content.
Students have a team of people to assist them in the event of a Moodle training need.
All students can participate fully due to course accessibility reviews. 
Okay, so what's in it for me? 
Discover new approaches to achieve desired outcomes.
Increase effectiveness of teaching strategies.
Create activities that engage students in their learning.  
Avoid grade disputes with consistent information in your syllabus and Moodle Gradebook.
Balance content & activities over multiple modules to aid with grading, workload and time management. 
Save time! Learn easier ways to manage your class through trainings provided by the ID Team. 
Learn about GSC resources.
Discover ways to enhance the value of collaboration through technology.
Stay compliant with ADA and copyright law. Explore Creative Commons options.
Reasons to visit your Instructional Designer
If you have questions about a course review checklist or if you want to know how your specific course could benefit from instructional design support.
If your course is changing in duration or format or if it is a brand new course 
If you would like a one-on-one or group training relating to Moodle or teaching online. 
If you are having trouble understanding course-based technology such as Moodle & Zoom. 

If you are teaching a course for the first time.
The ID Team begins working on courses 3 months prior to the term.  This provides enough time for an engaging process of design/re-design. Some faculty will be paired directly with an Instructional Designer.
We love building relationships with faculty members and getting to know their unique class needs.